Asana | What is ROI of Asana?

Asana | What is ROI of Asana?

What is the ROI of Asana?


Our partner Asana together with IDC recently conducted a study to understand how much of a difference Asana makes for customers. This study focused on exploring the substantial impact Asana has on an organization's ability to focus on higher-value work and customer delivery. The value and benefits of Asana supporting and enhancing internal collaboration, workflows, and project delivery were studied. 11 in-depth interviews were conducted with organizations that relied on Asana and had a deep knowledge of the platform.

What did the study discover?

      Asana benefited organizations with a significant value of a 437% three-year ROI
      Saves an organization with $341,900 per 100 Asana daily users
      Asana has helped organizations’ employees to meet their customer demands
      Increased productivity, higher revenue, and reduced operating costs worth more than 5 times of the organization’s investment in Asana over 3 years ROI
      Reduced time for less productive work, unnecessary meetings, and searching for information
      Better access to information and improved workflows for carrying out day-to-day work

According to Anne Raimondi, Asana’s COO, a staggering 60% of the time at work is spent on work about work. This includes searching for information and chasing the status of work. Asana helps reduce the time spent on searching information by 55% and increasing the time for innovative and creative work by almost 80%.

Interested in going more in-depth? Download the entire report to learn more about Asana and the value it provides to businesses!👇🏻

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