Diversity and Skills Embracement in Asia Pacific

Diversity and Skills Embracement in Asia Pacific

Diversity and Skills Embracement in Asia Pacific

When the whole world was on pause because of the pandemic, many HR teams used this time to be creative on how to make their workplaces more inclusive. They brainstormed strategies to create a more adaptable workforce. The Future of Talent Report established that workforce diversity is a priority in 61% of companies, and it gained importance throughout 2020 for 27% of respondents. Workplace diversity was cited as one of the most important priorities of the organization in the market of Asia Pacific. 

64% of the companies do not mind hiring candidates from other industries if they have the right skill set as they are looking for workers with more diverse backgrounds. Hybrid or cross-functional roles have increased with 82% of the companies prioritizing it. It is more common in India (90%), China (87%), Malaysia (86%), and the Philippines (93%) to see a merging of roles in an organization. 

This reflects a broader shift towards skills. Only 21% of the companies look for experience and education, whereas 79% of the companies look for a skill set. This is a significant shift for the Asia Pacific region because education has always been highly prized here.

How LinkedIn can help HR team seize the moment

As building a talent pipeline is as important as embracing diversity and skills, the future of work is all about championing talents. With the help of LinkedIn Talent Insights, HR teams can streamline candidate searches and spot any gaps in the talent pool. LinkedIn Hiring Solutions help find the right candidates faster and engage the world’s most qualified talent pool

By 2022, it is expected that 54% of the workforce will require significant upskilling, and talent professionals are no different. HR teams in the organizations should be investing in the demanded areas such as employee safety, wellbeing, and training. Employee training can be done using LinkedIn Learning. It can help people find the right courses depending on their skill set to speed up their career growth. Meanwhile, HR teams can also use Glint to engage with their workforce by gaining an insight into existing talent’s goals and unlocking their potential with future demands.

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Source: LinkedIn Talent Solution