Google Maps Platform: Improve Online-to-offline Experiences

Google Maps Platform: Improve Online-to-offline Experiences

Map’s Retail Solutions for seamless online-to-offline shopping experiences

2020 has been a year of a huge transformation including store closures, reduced working hours, social distancing, and online shopping. eMarketer discovered that e-commerce options grew 27.6% worldwide in 2020. There was a 100% year-over-year growth for people Googling for “____ near me”. 

Now that the world is looking forward to a future and learning to live with the virus, what shopping trends will stick, and how will everyone adopt? To tackle the new way of living, Google Maps Platform has refreshed its retail solutions by adding a new solution - product locator and updating store locator plus - which offers a seamless online-to-offline shopping experience.

Product Locator Solution

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This solution helps connect online shopping to nearby stores. ‘Convenience’ is the king for today’s consumers. This means they should be able to have all the possible shopping options including same-day delivery, along with the route stores, and also in-stock products. Conversion rates can be increased by providing product availability and pick-up options. This would provide convenience, speed up the process and reduce shipping costs. Customers can view the exact distance and estimate the driving time to pick up the product. 

Store Locator Plus

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Store locators allow shoppers to more easily find physical stores and can be made even more helpful with our Store Locator Plus solution. The plus version refreshes the store locator page with more information and engagement by integrating offers redeemable in-store, online scheduling for appointments and services, and text me directions services. Google Maps Platform has introduced Quick Builder, a free, low code builder which allows you to demo, customize and build a version of the Store Locator Plus solution for your website in minutes.

Source: Google Maps Platform

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