Google Maps Platform Solution Checklist

Google Maps Platform Solution Checklist

How can Google Maps Platform help your business grow?

Ever wonder how Google Maps Platform can actually help a business grow? No matter what industry your business belongs to; from eCommerce until Logistics or Delivery; Google Maps Platform can help increase your business's conversion rate.

Explore the table below to learn on the Challenges, Google Maps API solution and Outcome for three specific booming industries.



Basic Solution API




  • Cart abandonment
  • Customers dropping off at the final stage of the checkout process
  • Need of creating an immersive experiences with web apps that drive loyalty
  • Dynamic Maps
  • Autocomplete 
  • Geocoding
  • Increased Online sales
  • UX/UI improvement and less abandonment of shopping carts
  • Knowledge of the exact shipping costs and precise delivery distance 


  • Decrease in customer satisfaction because of slow and inefficiently management
  • Can’t find the nearest hospital with insurance
  • Dynamic Maps 
  • Autocomplete
  • Geocoding
  • Street level views
  • Customers easily find nearest hospital with insurance
  • Ability to pinpoint lat and long coordinates linked in the address to spot risk in areas such as earthquakes, flooding, etc. 
  • Insights into high accident areas through improved imagery and modeling

Delivery / Logistics


  • Need to improve supply chain logistics
  • Need to monitor routes through real time traffic updates
  • Hard to handle  more than 4,000 deliveries daily through 31 service centers
  • Dynamic Maps 
  • Autocomplete
  • Geocoding
  • Distance Matrix
  • Direction 
  • Improved efficiency of deliveries with better visibility of courier locations and traffic patterns
  • Enhanced customer service with faster delivery and  accessible tracking capability
  • Improved quality of data , less errors