New feature: COVID-19 warnings in Google Maps Platform

New feature: COVID-19 warnings in Google Maps Platform

With all the panic and overwhelming information about the novel coronavirus, people might be confused about what to do if they think they have the symptoms. Google Maps Platform has come out with the solution to help the people by showing COVID-19 warning every time you search for the medical locations. It allows users to search about any information if they think they might be infected with COVID-19. Users can go through this information before they actually visit the medical center.

These information includes topics like:

  • Self-isolation
  • Prevention to take during this outbreak
  • Monitoring symptoms 

The website also has a self-checker to help the users.


How to use the self-checker?

Enter google map > search for medical location > click on the warning about COVID-19 > click on the self-checker in the CDC website > get information on your symptoms 

Self Checker

Source: 9 to 5 Google