Sawita Rattivarakorn By Sawita Rattivarakorn • March 22, 2021

Anatomy of Work 2021: Succeeding & Overcoming Disruption In a Distributed World

Anatomy of Work 2021: Succeeding & Overcoming Disruption In a Distributed World

unnamed-1-3With the exceptional increase in the burnout rate, there has been a significant impact on the workers’ mental health. As the workers’ mental health deteriorates, it results in a decline in workers’ individual engagement which leads to detrimental impacts on the overall organizational resilience. 

The main impacts of the high burnout rates for the firm's workers include low morale, increased number of mistakes made, miscommunication, lack of engagement with work,  and more time spent on the work getting completed. 

The second key aspect that the report discusses is the imposter syndrome and the given need to celebrate success. The imposter syndrome refers to the employees facing self-doubts related to work accomplishments.  Due to this, the employees endure lower self-confidence levels, purpose, and clarity which may disincentive or demotivate the workers from working efficiently over the long run. 

With the imposter syndrome being a prominent issue, the organization needs to execute a solution to instill a sense of purpose and belonging to their employees. The business needs to make addressing this issue a foundation pillar for their resilient reset. 

Another key aspect that the report discusses is the productivity paradox of the distributed work. This is in context to the issue that the employees who switch between apps tend to struggle with prioritizing their work. This is mainly due to context switching - Tool overloading also hurts the team alignment because according to research, the employees between 10 apps at least 25 times a day which has impacts like fragmenting communication and reducing efficiency levels.

The report also discusses a key perspective of optimizing- explains the importance of communication and connection is critical. Moreover, aspects such as welcoming new teammates to the community, making their first-day count, and finally not completely relying on communication norms.

The reframe to reset mindset is in context to implement flexibility in the firm to allow flourishing over the long run. Autonomy and clarity support flexibility and therefore when tasks are clear, employees can choose how they reach certain goals with autonomy.

To explores how your organizations can bring clarity to the chaos of work, reset for resilience, and flourish as you move forward, download the Anatomy of Work 2021 now!

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