Why Workplace by Facebook reached over 2 million paid users in less than two years?

Why Workplace by Facebook reached over 2 million paid users in less than two years?

Launched in late 2016, Facebook’s Workplace platform already serves more than 2 million paid users all over the globe. Big multinational companies such as Walmart, Vodafone & Heineken, and hundreds of start-up companies like Spotify & Deliveroo, invested in their future and transformation by putting their trust in the hands of Workplace.

The platform provides familiar features that are highly-adaptable, simple and secure to be used by every employee - from the newest member to the highest position in an organization. Workplace gives voice to employees to share their ideas and feedback, take initiative and build meaningful relationships for a healthier and more connected corporate environment.

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As a partner of Workplace by Facebook, GoPomelo is proud to be part of the fast growth and progress of the platform. Workplace experienced huge and rapid success in the APAC region and we actively  contributed helping companies in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore throughout this transformation journey.  Together with Workplace, we will continue to deliver value and to drive innovation and business success for our customers.

What makes Workplace unique and different?


People, communities, and connections are primary priorities and responsibilities for Workplace. It’s all about building groups, relationships, and powerful two-way communication, using well-known features such as Live Video, Work chat, and Groups. The adoption rate of the platform is consistently high among big, middle and small companies since members are already familiar with the system. This is considered as one of the biggest unique selling points that differentiate Workplace and makes it so successful and unique in this competitive environment.

According to Raúl Castañón-Martínez, senior analyst at 451 Research, although it is hard to make a comparison in this stage of Workplace development and the years of its existence, there are significant differences between Workplace and other communication platforms. It has attracted some of the world’s biggest companies with thousands of employees, such as Telefonica and Nestle, helping them to establish better communication, fewer costs, and higher employee engagement. Workplace makes work better for everyone.

30,000 organizations with over 2 million paid users worldwide-2

Workplace for Recognition


Workplace is much more than connection and communication. It encourages people to be open, creative and recognized by empowering them, their ideas and their thoughts. Organizations that use Workplace experience higher employee motivation, job satisfaction and higher engagement rate within their internal system. More and more employees prefer compliments about their work and recognition over compensation because feeling valued and being able to speak your voice is the most important for a healthy corporate culture.

Therefore, Workplace is here to help organizations to recognize and appreciate everyone, and to embrace their talents, ideas, and beliefs. By implementing simple features, Workplace was able to make employee recognition visible, fast and reflective, by driving motivation, encouragement and success through more than 30,000 organizations worldwide, and for more than 2 million active users in total.

Future plans for Workplace


Following the rapid and successful growth, the future plans for Workplace include an increase in the adoption rate in small and medium enterprises. Workplace believes that small and medium companies would also benefit from the platform when integrating it. It would help in constructing a better internal organization. Workplace experiences viral adoption among employees in companies because of its familiar design and this is exactly what organizations are looking for - a highly adaptable product which enhances the way of communication, collaboration and engagement.

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