Welcoming Walmart, the retailing giant to Workplace by Facebook

Welcoming Walmart, the retailing giant to Workplace by Facebook


Workplace by Facebook has taken a huge step forward recently by adding Walmart, the retailing giant and the largest private employer in the world with 2.2 million employees to their rapidly growing list of customers. The value of Workplace really shows in such an impressive enterprise.

Technology is core to Walmart’s people-centric mission to enable its associates to serve the communities it’s in. As its team grows increasingly mobile and distributed, Walmart needs a place to support associates’ growth, build connections and make work simpler. Walmart wants to build the next generation workforce by embracing next-generation technology, and Workplace is helping them do that.


“Our associates have been able to build connections and collaborate better on Workplace because it just works. We love it,” said Clay Johnson, Walmart’s CIO and EVP.


The digital transformation at Walmart makes it possible that all coworkers, from the corporate office to the store level can communicate and collaborate on a whole new level.

We are excited to collaborate with Workplace and give, not only the Thai retail sector but all enterprises a taste of the new way of work!

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