The next chapter of The Gemini era

The next chapter of The Gemini era

Google has been deeply investing in AI as the primary method to enhance Search and all its products for years. This enthusiasm is evident in the progress seen with the Search Generative Experience (SGE), available for testing in Search Labs. AI has also become a central element in two rapidly growing areas: Google's Cloud and Workspace services, and the popular subscription service Google One, which is on the brink of reaching 100 million subscribers.

Unveiling a New Era

In December, Google marked a significant milestone in its AI journey with the advent of the Gemini era, establishing a new benchmark in a broad spectrum of text, image, audio, and video standards. Gemini's evolution extends beyond just the models; it underpins a whole ecosystem—from widely used products to APIs and platforms that enable developers and businesses to innovate.

The largest model, Ultra 1.0, has surpassed human experts in MMLU (massive multitask language understanding), incorporating a blend of 57 subjects such as math, physics, history, law, medicine, and ethics, to assess knowledge and problem-solving skills.

Google is now advancing further by integrating Ultra into its products and making it available worldwide.

Introducing Gemini Advanced

Bard has been a prime way for users to engage with Google's most sophisticated models directly. Reflecting the advanced technology it is based on, Bard will henceforth be known as Gemini. It's accessible in 40 languages on the web, and will soon be available through a new Gemini app on Android and on the iOS Google app.

Gemini Advanced is the new name for the version incorporating Ultra, offering a significantly enhanced experience in reasoning, following instructions, coding, and creative collaboration. For instance, it can serve as a personalized tutor or a creative partner for planning content strategies or developing business plans. More details can be found in the post.

Users can begin utilizing Gemini Advanced by subscribing to the new Google One AI Premium plan, which consolidates Google's top AI features into a single offering. This premium plan expands on the popular Google One service by providing additional storage and exclusive product features.

Bringing Gemini’s capabilities to more products

Expanding Gemini's Capabilities Gemini models will also be integrated into everyday products for both individuals and businesses, including Workspace and Google Cloud:

  • Workspace: Over 1 million users are already utilizing features like "Help me write" to boost productivity and creativity through Duet AI. Duet AI will be rebranded as Gemini for Workspace, and consumers with the Google One AI Premium plan will soon be able to use Gemini across Gmail, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Meet.
  • Google Cloud: Duet AI will transition to Gemini for Cloud customers in the forthcoming weeks. Gemini will assist companies in enhancing productivity, developers in coding more efficiently, and organizations in safeguarding against cyber threats, among other advantages.

Looking Ahead

Developers have played a crucial role in every major technological advancement and will be equally vital in the Gemini ecosystem. Hundreds of thousands of developers and businesses are already utilizing Gemini models. While the current focus is on Gemini Advanced and its new features, Google will unveil more details next week about what's in store for developers and Cloud customers.

These latest developments demonstrate Google's bold approach to innovation and its commitment to advancing and responsibly deploying this technology. Google is already in the process of training the next iteration of Gemini models, indicating more updates to come.