Key Management to Support Google Workspace Client-side encryption

Key Management to Support Google Workspace Client-side encryption

Key Management to Support Google Workspace Client-side encryption

Virtru is the trusted Google partner and the first encryption provider recommended by Google to prevent unauthorized third-party including Google to access your data across Google Workspace.

According to the previous article, we talked about how Virtru helps support Google Workspace in terms of security, especially Google Workspace Client-side encryption. Today, we are going to talk about 4 keys management Virtru can use for supporting data protection across Google Workspace.


Communicate Securely via Google Meet

With the ability to encrypt Google Meet where it can help prevent access from third-party as well as Google, Virtru can help strengthen up privacy and confidentiality during the meeting.


Secure Documents in Google Docs

Protect any documents containing ideas, plans, as well as private copy being created and shared across the organization using Google Docs.


Encrypt Sensitive Information in Google Sheets

Google Sheets are often used for financial, accounting, or project work plans. Virtru can help keep it safe by encrypting sensitive data stored and shared in Google Sheets.


Protect Intellectual Property in Google Slides

Google Slides are often used for gathering and putting ideas together in order to do the presentation whether it’s for client or internal. Sometimes, we do not want any ideas to secretly spread over to unrelated parties. Those sensitive information can be secured by using Virtru.

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