Google Cloud Next '23 Review - All 132 new announcements

Google Cloud Next '23 Review - All 132 new announcements

The Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco last week was a remarkable gathering of the Google Cloud community and ecosystem. It was a joyous occasion to come together in person after a long time. The opening keynote was a thrilling experience, filled with exciting product announcements and inspiring customer stories. If you missed it, don't worry! You can catch the highlights in just 13 minutes. And make sure to watch the developer keynote too, which was both fun and inspiring, featuring an original song and impressive demos. The event also featured over 250 educational breakout sessions, and the Innovators Hive was abuzz with thousands of developers.

Generative AI was a big focus throughout, particularly the many new offerings across Vertex AI and Duet AI, highlighting all the new ways to cloud.

Last week was packed with so many exciting updates that it's hard to capture them all here. But don't worry, we've compiled a comprehensive summary of all the announcements so you won't miss a thing. Keep reading for the complete list of an astounding 132 (!) announcements.

Data and AI Cloud

AI platforms and tools

1. Duet AI in Google Cloud is now in preview with new capabilities, and general availability coming later this year.

2. Now, you can easily create generative chatbots and custom search engines with the availability of Vertex AI Search and Conversation. Formerly known as Enterprise Search on Generative AI App Builder and Conversational AI on Generative AI App Builder, these tools make the process fast and hassle-free.

3. Vertex AI Search now introduces a groundbreaking feature that allows users to ask follow-up questions during a multi-turn search without having to start the interaction from scratch. This enhancement greatly enhances the user experience and further streamlines the search process.

In addition, Google built out the Vertex AI platform:

4. In the latest update to Vertex AI Model Garden, exciting new additions have been made, including the highly anticipated Meta’s Llama 2 and Code Llama models, as well as the innovative Falcon LLM from the Technology Innovation Institute. Additionally, we are thrilled to pre-announce the upcoming release of Anthropic’s Claude 2. These new models bring even more power and versatility to Vertex AI, cementing its position as a leading platform in the field of artificial intelligence.

5. The PaLM 2 foundation model has expanded its language support to include 38 different languages. Additionally, it now features 32,000-token context windows, enabling the processing of lengthy documents within prompts.

6. The groundbreaking Codey chat and code generation model revolutionizes the coding experience by delivering a remarkable 25% increase in quality for code generation and code chat across major supported languages.

7. The Imagen image generation model offers enhanced visual aesthetics, advanced image editing capabilities, the ability to add captions, a new tuning feature for aligning images with minimal samples, and the capability to answer visual questions. Additionally, it includes a digital watermarking functionality powered by the innovative Google DeepMind SynthID technology.

8. Adapter tuning in Vertex AI is generally available for PaLM 2 for text.

9. Reinforcement Learning with Human Feedback (RLHF) is now in public preview. 

10. The latest enhancements to Vertex AI introduce powerful extensions that empower models to seamlessly engage in real-time actions, retrieve targeted information, and act on behalf of users across a wide range of applications. This includes popular platforms such as Google, as well as third-party applications like Datastax, MongoDB, and Redis.

11. Vertex AI's latest data connectors are revolutionizing the way data is ingested from enterprise and third-party applications such as Salesforce, Confluence, and JIRA. The seamless integration of these connectors allows for effortless data transfer and enhanced data analysis capabilities.

12. Grounding in Vertex AI establishes a strong foundation for generative outputs by leveraging your enterprise data, instilling a higher level of trust and assurance in your generative AI search and conversational applications.

13. Vertex AI has recently introduced support for Ray, a comprehensive open-source compute framework that enables seamless scalability of AI and Python workloads. 

14. In an exciting announcement, Google has unveiled Colab Enterprise, a groundbreaking managed service that brings together the user-friendly features of Google's Colab notebooks with robust security and compliance support. This public preview version is set to revolutionize the way enterprises access and utilize data, ensuring a seamless and secure experience for all users.

15. In the upcoming month, we are thrilled to announce that we will be offering a sneak peek of Med-PaLM 2, our specially designed version of PaLM 2, to a wider range of customers in the healthcare and life sciences sector. This preview will provide valuable insights and benefits to professionals in these industries, allowing them to experience the advanced capabilities and functionalities of Med-PaLM 2 firsthand.

To enhance MLOps for generative AI, Google announced:

16. With Automatic Metrics in Vertex AI, you can assess the performance of a model by analyzing its output against a specific task and a trusted dataset.

17. Harnessing the power of a robust model, Automatic Side by Side in Vertex AI enhances the evaluation process of multiple models under testing, providing valuable insights on a large scale.

18. Introducing the latest iteration of Vertex AI Feature Store, now leveraging the power of BigQuery, allowing you to effortlessly eliminate data duplication while safeguarding your data access policies.

Data Analytics

Next Google announced a wealth of features across their data analytics offerings:

19. Duet AI is currently available in preview in a range of data analytics products within the portfolio, including Looker, BigQuery, and Dataplex.

20. BigQuery Studio, currently in the preview, offers a unified and intuitive platform that streamlines data engineering, analytics, and predictive analysis processes, making end-to-end data workflows effortless and efficient.

21. Google announced enhanced support for open source formats like Hudi and Delta Lake within BigLake, and added performance acceleration for Apache Iceberg

22. BigLake has now evolved into the single lakehouse solution, offering cross-cloud materialized views and cross-cloud joins in BigQuery Omni. Experience the power of seamless data integration and analysis across multiple cloud platforms.

23. The integration of Spark on Google Distributed Cloud brings the immense capabilities of rapid analytical query processing to on-premises environments, catering to the specific data residency needs of organizations. 

24. The introduction of new governance features in Dataplex empowers users to gain a comprehensive understanding of the data they analyze. With enhanced capabilities for data lineage, quality, and metadata management, users can confidently train ML models on reliable data sources, leading to improved accuracy in their analyses. 

25. Unlock deeper insights into the performance of your Google and YouTube campaigns with the power of BigQuery data clean rooms.

26. Unlock the power of Vertex AI foundation models, including PaLM 2, with seamless integration into BigQuery. Gain direct access to these cutting-edge models and elevate your data analysis capabilities to new heights.

27. Unlock the full potential of BigQuery with the new model inference feature, allowing you to seamlessly run inferences using popular formats like TensorFlow, ONNX, and XGBoost. Experience the power of real-time inference as it detects patterns and triggers automatic alert generation.

28. To enhance model tuning capabilities, Google has introduced vector and semantic search features in BigQuery.

29. Easily synchronize vector embeddings in BigQuery with the powerful Vertex AI Feature Store to effectively ground your models.

30. Unlock a world of knowledge with direct access to a vast array of datasets from leading providers like Acxiom, Bloomberg, Equifax, Nielsen, and Zoominfo, all within the powerful confines of BigQuery.


Transactional and operational databases serve as the backbone of an organization, providing essential support for its daily operations and functions.

31. Introducing AlloyDB Omni, a downloadable version of AlloyDB AI available in preview. With AlloyDB Omni, you can easily build powerful AI applications for enterprises across various platforms.

32. AlloyDB Omni, the versatile edition that can be downloaded and run on various platforms including Google Cloud, AWS, Azure, on-premises, and even on your laptop, is transitioning from its technology preview phase to a more accessible public preview phase.

33. Experience the power of Duet AI in Database Migration Service, as it revolutionizes the process of converting Oracle database code to PostgreSQL. Say goodbye to manual conversions and embrace the future of automated code conversion. Be the first to sign up for the exclusive preview.

34. Discover the power of Duet AI in Cloud Spanner's preview, where you can effortlessly generate code to effortlessly organize, modify, or query your data using the simplicity of natural language.

35. Now available for general availability is the support for Oracle in Database Migration Service, allowing seamless migration to Cloud SQL for PostgreSQL as the target.

36. Cloud Spanner Data Boost, now generally available, allows you to seamlessly analyze your Spanner data using powerful services like BigQuery, Spark on Dataproc, or Dataflow, without any noticeable impact on your transactional workloads.

37. With the new support for auto-generated keys in Cloud Spanner, schema authors now have the ability to seamlessly integrate critical identity logic directly into the database, streamlining the overall workflow and enhancing efficiency.

38. Experience the power of the new BigQuery Export to Bigtable Reverse ETL feature, now available in preview! Unlock the ability to serve dynamic analytical insights directly from your applications, eliminating the need for complex ETL tools.

39. Redis Cluster, the fully managed Memorystore for Redis, is now available for preview. Experience the power of this open-source compatible service that delivers up to 60 times more throughput than traditional Memorystore for Redis, all while maintaining ultra-low latencies in the microseconds range.

40. Google's latest program, Google Cloud Ready for Cloud SQL, acknowledges partner solutions that have successfully met the integration criteria with Cloud SQL.

41. Experience the power of Bigtable's change streams feature, which enables real-time capture of data changes to a Bigtable table. Streamline your data processing and analysis by tapping into this feature, now available in general availability.

42. With the introduction of Cloud Bigtable request priorities, now available in a private preview, you have the power to effortlessly handle large workloads that are not time-sensitive, such as analytical queries. By assigning these tasks as low priority jobs on your Bigtable cluster, you can effectively minimize the impact of batch processing on your serving workloads.

43. Now, you have the ability to duplicate a Cloud Bigtable backup and securely store it in any project or region where you have a Bigtable instance. Plus, you can conveniently keep your backups for a period of up to 90 days.

Business Intelligence

Google expanded its Looker business intelligence ecosystem, providing a glimpse into the AI-driven future of Looker.

44. Looker's Duet AI is now available in preview, bringing a powerful and innovative AI capability to the Looker platform. 

45. Looker's powerful semantic layer is now accessible to Tableau users in preview mode, and it is also available to Microsoft Power BI users in general availability.

46. Users of Looker Studio can now seamlessly access the Alteryx Designer Cloud, empowering them with enhanced cloud connectivity and data preparation capabilities. This integration includes native support for popular file formats such as Microsoft Excel and CSV files from storage platforms like Sharepoint and OneDrive.

47. Looker's partnership with Sisu Data will soon offer a powerful integration, empowering customers to effortlessly uncover the underlying reasons for data changes, detect anomalies, and gain valuable insights for further analysis.

Modern Infrastructure Cloud

Google's Modern Infrastructure Cloud empowers businesses and governments to rapidly construct robust and efficient infrastructure tailored to their unique workload and industry requirements. This comprehensive solution encompasses everything from cutting-edge AI-optimized infrastructure and high-performance compute capabilities to advanced containerization, seamless networking, secure storage, distributed cloud systems, and a wide range of developer tools.

Infrastructure for AI workloads

Google also highlighted their advancements in AI-optimized chips during their presentation.

48. Next month, you can expect the highly anticipated release of A3 VMs, which harness the power of NVIDIA H100 GPUs and are delivered as a cutting-edge GPU supercomputer. Get ready to experience the future of AI workloads with these state-of-the-art virtual machines.

49. Experience the cutting-edge advancements in Google Cloud's AI infrastructure with the highly anticipated release of the new and improved Google Cloud TPU v5e. In preview, this powerful TPU offers up to double the training performance per dollar and up to 2.5 times the inference performance per dollar for LLMs and generative AI models, setting a new standard for AI workload efficiency compared to its predecessor, Cloud TPU v4.

50. Introducing Multislice technology, a groundbreaking innovation that allows for unprecedented scalability of AI models. With the power of tens of thousands of Cloud TPU v5e or TPU v4 chips, you can now push the boundaries of what was previously thought possible and unlock the full potential of your AI workloads. Experience the future of AI computing with this cutting-edge technology in preview.

51. Support for Cloud TPUs in GKE is now available for Cloud TPU v5e and Cloud TPU v4. 

52. Support for AI inference on Cloud TPUs is in preview.

Compute and traditional enterprise workloads

Google has taken their general-purpose Compute Engine families to the next level with an array of exciting new models and features.

53. Brace yourself for the upcoming preview of the C3A, an Arm-based powerhouse fueled by AmpereOne processors. Get ready to witness the cutting-edge performance of this remarkable innovation next month.

54. A preview of AMD-based C3D VMs is coming next month, and will offer the largest instance sizes in our general-purpose portfolio, with up to 360 vCPUs and 2.8TB of DDR5 memory. 

55. Get ready to be blown away by Google's latest innovation, Titanium. This groundbreaking system combines purpose-built, custom silicon with advanced offload capabilities, paving the way for game-changing offerings like Hyperdisk and our cutting-edge 3rd generation C3 VMs. Prepare to experience the future of cloud computing like never before.

56. C3 VMs support for Hyperdisk Extreme is now in preview and supports 500K IOPS.

57. The SSD-based Hyperdisk Balanced is now in preview, with up to 2x the performance of previous generation Persistent Disk SSD. 

58. Explore the exciting new feature in preview, Hyperdisk Storage Pools, which enables customers to effortlessly allocate capacity and performance within aggregate Pools. From these pools, customers can easily provision thinly provisioned Hyperdisk volumes, maximizing efficiency and performance for their storage needs.

59. Google's VMs have new uptime SLAs: a 99.95% uptime SLA for memory-optimized VMs, and 99.9% (up from 99.5%) for all other VM families. 

60. Future reservations, now in preview, is a new Compute Engine feature that allows you to reserve compute capacity for a future date. 

61. C3 is now certified for SAP.

62. Get ready to revolutionize your SAP workloads with the enhanced capabilities of Workload Manager, now in preview. Experience a new level of security and seamless deployment for your SAP applications, setting the stage for unparalleled efficiency and performance.

63. In preview in October, Google will offer a new VMware Engine node with 2TB RAM and options from 64 - 128 vCPUs and up to 50TB storage for Google Cloud VMware Engine, as well as three new storage options: NetApp Volumes, Filestore, and Storage-only (VSAN) nodes. 


64. Google announced Cross-Cloud Network, an open and programmable global cloud networking platform. 

65. Private Service Connect, now available for over 20 Google and partner managed services.

66. Be the first to experience the cutting-edge Cloud Firewall Plus tier, a revolutionary cloud-first next-generation firewall (NGFW) that is currently in preview. 

67. The new Network Service Integration Manager simplifies the setup and operation of partner NGFWs from Checkpoint, Cisco, Fortinet, and Palo Alto Networks. 

68. VPC Spokes support in Network Connectivity Center in preview lets you scale VPC connectivity, providing reachability between a large number of VPC spokes. 

69. The internal Application Load Balancer now supports global access, which allows private clients from any Google Cloud region to access internal load balancers residing in any other Google Cloud region, and global backends, which allow internal Application Load Balancers to health-check and send traffic to globally distributed backend services. 

70. Unlock the full potential of your Cloud Load Balancers with the introduction of Service Extensions callouts. Customize your services with specialized monitoring, logging, traffic steering, and authentication, empowering you to optimize your load balancing capabilities like never before.

71. Prepare to streamline your workflow with the introduction of an innovative automation solution toolkit for the global frontend of Google Cloud Load Balancers. Seamlessly integrate and automate popular CI/CD platforms with Cloud Armor, Cloud Load Balancing, and Cloud CDN, empowering you to optimize your product deployment process like never before.

72. Cloud Application Load Balancers now support cross-project service referencing

73. New mTLS client-side authentication is available for global external Application Load Balancers.

74. Cloud Armor Adaptive Protection now offers the convenience of auto-deployment, allowing you to effortlessly enhance the security of your applications.

75. Palo Alto Networks is integrating its Prisma Access natively in Google Cloud.

76. Broadcom is integrating its Secure Web Gateway natively in Google Cloud. 

77. Experience the exceptional performance of the Titanium Network Adapter, an integral component of our revolutionary Titanium system of offloads. Available in A3, C3, and H3 VMs, this cutting-edge adapter unlocks up to double the throughput and triple the packet processing speed compared to previous generations of VMs. Prepare to be amazed by the unprecedented speed and efficiency of our latest innovation.

Distributed workloads

Google has introduced a range of exciting new enhancements and functionalities to their Google Distributed Cloud family, including GDC Edge and GDC Hosted.

78. GDC Hosted is now introducing a range of pre-trained models that will revolutionize your experience. From speech recognition to translation, optical character recognition (OCR), and Workbench capabilities, get ready to unlock a new level of efficiency and accuracy in your distributed cloud workloads.

79. GDC Hosted is set to unveil an exciting array of new features in Q2 2024, including the highly anticipated Vertex Prediction and Vertex Pipelines. Additionally, get ready for the introduction of the Document Translation API service, which promises to revolutionize your distributed cloud workloads. Stay tuned for these groundbreaking advancements that will enhance efficiency and accuracy in your GDC Hosted experience.

80. Database Service for GDC Hosted will now support AlloyDB Omni as a new managed database engine in preview. 

81. GDC Edge will support Dataproc in preview in Q4 2023. 

82. The new GDC hardware stack features the 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors and high-performance network fabrics with up to 400 Gbps throughput. 

83. Google has unveiled cutting-edge hardware configurations for GDC Edge specifically designed for the demanding environments of retail stores and restaurants, ensuring ruggedness and optimal performance.

84. GDC Hosted now offers support for new guest operating systems, customer-managed VM images, a package repository for VM runtime configuration, simplified networking, backup and restore tooling, a CLI and streamlined APIs. 

85. The revolutionary GKE Enterprise will now be seamlessly integrated into every Google Distributed Cloud deployment, providing advanced capabilities at no extra expense.

86. ElasticSearch, MongoDB Enterprise Advanced, and SAP on Google Distributed Cloud are available through Google Cloud Marketplace.

87. Boundary proxy on GDC Edge in preview provides visibility and auditability by inspecting and logging all management traffic between Google Cloud and GDC Edge (in preview). 

88. Introducing the brand new Bastion host on GDC Edge, currently in preview. This cutting-edge feature empowers you to effortlessly monitor and manage Google Cloud's access to GDC Edge, providing you with enhanced troubleshooting capabilities and ensuring operational sovereignty and compliance requirements are met with ease.

89. Experience the seamless automation of resource mapping for your managed keys with the cutting-edge key tracking feature on GDC Hosted, currently in preview. Effortlessly manage and track your keys, ensuring optimal security and efficiency in your distributed cloud workloads.

90. BYO-certificate on GDC Hosted enables you to upload certificates issued by a third-party certificate authority, in preview.

91. Introducing the groundbreaking survivability mode on GDC Edge, enabling uninterrupted on-prem operations even in the event of losing connectivity to Google Cloud. Experience the seamless continuity of your critical processes with this cutting-edge feature, currently available for preview.

Modern container-based workloads

92. Introducing GKE Enterprise, an exclusive and enhanced version of our renowned container orchestration platform. With GKE Enterprise, platform teams gain the power to effortlessly oversee expansive Kubernetes deployments across numerous clusters and global teams, all within a centralized management console. Experience the ultimate convenience and efficiency in managing your container-based workloads with this cutting-edge solution.

93. GKE now supports Cloud TPU v5e, A3 VMs with NVIDIA H100 GPUs, and Google Cloud Storage FUSE on GKE (GA). 

94. Experience the power of Duet AI in GKE (preview), an innovative generative AI tool meticulously trained on GKE documentation. Seamlessly designed to assist platform teams, it significantly reduces the learning curve and streamlines the operation of Kubernetes. Unlock the potential to effortlessly master and optimize your container-based workloads with this cutting-edge AI assistant.

Developer experience

Google further elevated their dedication to providing an unparalleled developer experience, pushing the boundaries even higher.

95. The highly anticipated Jump Start Solutions application and infrastructure solutions have officially reached the General Availability (GA) stage, marking a significant milestone in empowering developers with advanced tools and resources.

96. Application Integration — a no-code integration platform as a service (iPaaS) designed to empower you to weave together your applications — is now GA. 

97. We're thrilled to announce our partnership with GitLab, offering a cutting-edge and secure DevOps solution that seamlessly integrates source management, artifact management, CI/CD, and enhanced security features. Experience streamlined development and enhanced security with this transformative collaboration.

98. Duet AI has expanded its availability across the entire console, including GKE, Cloud Run, and the Cloud operations suite. Additionally, it will soon be accessible for trusted testers in preview versions of Apigee API Management and Application Integration. Don't miss out on the opportunity to experience the enhanced capabilities of Duet AI in these cutting-edge platforms.

Migration and Management

99. Google has completely transformed our Rapid Migration Program, introducing the innovative Cloud Capability Assessment (CCA) for RaMP online assessment and an intricate migration-planning dashboard that provides detailed insights and guidance. Experience a seamless and efficient migration process with these cutting-edge enhancements.

100. The Migration Center, a comprehensive migration service integrated into the Google Cloud console, has reached the General Availability (GA) stage, offering an array of powerful features including the cutting-edge SAP Cost Estimator. Streamline your migration process and gain valuable insights with this all-in-one migration solution.

101. Google Cloud VMware Engine is now available in 18 regions, most recently in Turin, Italy (europe-wst12), Santiago (southamerica-west1), and Delhi (asia-south2). 

102. The new flexible ve2 node platform powered by 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (formerly named Ice Lake) and next-generation VMware Engine networking are now available for Google Cloud VMware Engine.

103. Event-driven transfer in Storage Transfer Service is now GA. 

104. Storage Transfer Service now offers support for transferring data from on-premises Hadoop Distributed File Systems (HDFS) sources to Cloud Storage, currently available to trusted testers

105. Experience the cutting-edge SAP Security Validation, now accessible for public preview on Google Cloud Workload Manager. This powerful tool offers comprehensive security checks at both the infrastructure and application levels, specifically tailored for SAP environments. Safeguard your valuable data and ensure optimal security with this innovative solution.

106. Unlock the power of Workload Manager's state-of-the-art Guided Deployment Automation service, now open for public preview. Seamlessly generate tailor-made automation code that effortlessly modernizes your systems to the cutting-edge S/4HANA platform, paving the way for enhanced efficiency and productivity in your enterprise.

Geo and sustainability

107. Experience the latest innovation from the Google Maps Platform team - a comprehensive suite of Environment APIs. These cutting-edge APIs provide real-time information on solar intensity, air quality levels, and pollen forecasts, allowing you to make informed decisions and stay connected to the environment around you. Discover a new way to access valuable environmental data with these groundbreaking APIs.

Security Cloud

108. Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence, currently in preview. This cutting-edge technology uncovers the most common tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by threat actors, summarizing our frontline threat intelligence and empowering organizations to stay one step ahead of potential security breaches.

109. Duet AI, currently available for preview in Chronicle Security Operations, revolutionizes threat detection, investigation, and response for cyber defenders. By simplifying search, conducting complex data analysis, and enhancing threat detection engineering, Duet AI empowers organizations to stay ahead of potential security breaches with ease.

110. In the preview version of Security Command Center, Duet AI provides lightning-fast analysis of security discoveries and potential attack routes, empowering organizations to swiftly respond to threats.

111. Mandiant Hunt for Chronicle, currently in preview, offering ongoing threat hunting conducted by Mandiant experts on valuable Chronicle data. Stay one step ahead of potential security breaches with this innovative solution.

112. Powered by Tenable, the groundbreaking agentless vulnerability scanning feature has been seamlessly incorporated into the Security Command Center. This cutting-edge integration enables the detection of operating system, software, and network vulnerabilities on Compute Engine virtual machines. Get a preview of this advanced vulnerability scanning capability now.

113. Security Command Center now allows organizations to design their own customized posture findings (GA) and threat detectors (in preview).

114. Confidential Computing running on 4th Gen Intel Xeon Scalable CPUs with TDX technology is now in private preview.

115. Google's Sensitive Data Protection offerings have now extended their reach with advanced integration for Dataplex and Dialogflow, which are now generally available. Additionally, integration with Cloud SQL is currently in preview, further enhancing the security of your sensitive data.

116. Assured Workloads Japan Regions is now in preview, offering customers controlled environments that enforce data residency in our Japanese regions, options for local control of encryption keys, and administrative access transparency.

117. The official Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam Guide is now available. 

Collaboration Cloud: Google Workspace

118. Duet AI for Google Workspace is generally available, and you can get started with a no-cost trial

119. Unlock the power of Duet AI for Google Workspace and watch as it effortlessly generates stunning presentations in Slides. With the ability to incorporate relevant content from Drive and Gmail, Duet AI creates complete slideshows filled with captivating text, eye-catching charts, and striking images. Elevate your presentations to new heights with this groundbreaking feature.

120. Elevate your presence and communication in Google Meet with the revolutionary capabilities of Duet AI. Experience the transformative power of AI-powered enhancements, including an impeccable studio look, perfectly balanced studio lighting, and crystal-clear studio sound. With dynamic tiles and advanced face detection, remote attendees can seamlessly view everyone in a meeting room, while each in-person participant is highlighted in their own personalized video tile, complete with their name.

121. Experience the remarkable capabilities of Duet AI in Google Meet as it seamlessly captures real-time notes, action items, and video snippets with its innovative "take notes for me" feature. After the meeting, Duet AI can effortlessly send a comprehensive recap to all attendees, ensuring that everyone stays informed. Additionally, it can even bring latecomers up to speed with a quick "summary so far" or attend a meeting on your behalf with its incredible "attend for me" function. Discover the convenience and efficiency of Duet AI in Google Meet as it revolutionizes collaboration and productivity.

122. Google is taking smart reply in Gmail to the next level with the help of Duet AI. Now, you can effortlessly compose longer, personalized responses with just a single tap.

123. Experience the enhanced Google Chat with a range of powerful new features, including the integration of Duet AI. Stay on top of your messaging game as we merge direct messages and spaces into a single, organized conversation list, complete with a chronological home view. Enjoy the convenience of @-mentions and starred conversations, while our intelligent prioritization feature analyzes your communication patterns to ensure you never miss an important message. Look forward to these exciting updates coming early next year.

124. Get ready for the exciting news! Google Chat is set to revolutionize the way we connect and collaborate by soon supporting an incredible number of up to 500,000 participants in a single space. This groundbreaking update will empower even the largest organizations to build thriving communities and foster seamless communication like never before. Stay tuned for this game-changing feature that will take collaboration to new heights!

125. Introducing Huddles in Chat, a revolutionary method for teams to engage in real-time communication through seamless audio and video conversations, effortlessly powered by Google Meet. With Huddles, there's no need to interrupt your conversation by transitioning to a separate meeting. Instead, the meeting seamlessly integrates directly into the Chat experience, allowing for uninterrupted collaboration.

126. Chat now offers expanded support for a wider range of third-party and Google Workspace apps, including an enhanced Google Drive app that enables seamless response to comments and sharing requests. In addition, Mio will facilitate message interoperability, ensuring smooth communication across various major platforms.

127. As the Google Next event was approaching, Google has unveiled a range of exciting new features that harness the power of AI. These advanced capabilities aim to bolster cybersecurity efforts, enhance workplace safety with built-in zero trust controls, and provide robust support for our customers' digital sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Startups and Public Sector

128. Google Cloud continues to attract and support eleven innovative generative AI startups in their mission to develop cutting-edge gen AI technologies and successfully launch their products into the market.

129. Get ready for the exciting launch of the new Google for Startups Startup School: AI, a comprehensive six-week online training course delving into the depths of artificial intelligence. Join us in January 2024 for an immersive learning experience that will equip you with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in the world of AI technology.

130. Embark on a journey of valuable insights and expert guidance with the release of the VC AMA ebook, "Startup Advice from VCs: 10 Lessons from the Trenches." Packed with wisdom from the renowned VC AMA Series, this ebook is a must-have resource for startups aiming to navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. Download your copy now and gain access to a wealth of knowledge from industry experts.

131. The Startup Lounge was buzzing with excitement as nine innovative startups unveiled their latest product offerings, all powered by the cutting-edge capabilities of Google Cloud. These groundbreaking solutions are set to revolutionize the industry, showcasing the immense potential of cloud technology for startups.

Next ‘24!

And finally, Google is thrilled to announce that they will be back next year with an even bigger and more exciting event. So mark your calendars and save the date for the next big thing!

132. Google Cloud Next ‘24 will take place April 9-11 in Las Vegas. 

 Together, we’re building the new way to cloud.