Now Available: Duet AI for Google Workspace

Now Available: Duet AI for Google Workspace

Today, Duet AI is now available for Google Workspace, and you can start using it right away with a complimentary trial. Boasting over 3 billion users and more than 10 million paying customers who rely on it daily to enhance their productivity, Google Workspace stands as the world's most popular productivity tool. Our cutting-edge technology makes collaboration effortless, enjoyable, and readily accessible. With the introduction of Duet AI, we have integrated AI as a real-time collaborator. Since its launch, numerous companies and over a million trusted testers have harnessed the power of Duet AI as a valuable collaboration partner that can serve as a coach, source of inspiration, and productivity enhancer—all while ensuring that every user and organization retains full control over their data.

Introducing the next wave of AI innovation in Workspace

Ever feel like time is slipping away from you? With a never-ending stream of emails, meetings, and tasks, work can become overwhelming. But what if there was a solution that could lighten your load? Enter Duet AI, your intelligent, real-time collaboration partner that takes care of the heavy lifting so you can focus on what truly matters.

Let's take a closer look at how Duet AI can transform your daily life. Imagine you're a financial analyst faced with a last-minute request for a presentation on Q3 performance. Instead of diving into multiple documents and emails, you can simply rely on Duet AI to create a comprehensive summary for you. By prompting Duet AI with a request like "create a summary of Q3 performance," it will generate a fully-fledged presentation with text, charts, and images using the relevant content from Drive and Gmail. What was once an all-nighter can now be accomplished before dinner time.

Duet AI is the ultimate time-saving tool that allows you to reclaim your precious moments.

Duet AI is designed to alleviate workloads by effortlessly creating a comprehensive summary from your relevant source documents and seamlessly constructing a presentation in Slides.

Enjoy meetings like never before - even if you can't attend!

In a world where our schedules are filled with back-to-back meetings, it can be exhausting to keep up with them all or try to catch up on the ones we miss. But what if there was a solution that could make our meetings less tiring and more fulfilling?

When it comes to meetings, the ultimate goal is to be seen, heard and understood clearly. However, various factors can hinder this, such as camera and sound quality, slow internet connections, or language barriers. That's why we're introducing Duet AI into Google Meet, to ensure that you always look and sound your best. With features like studio look, studio lighting, and studio sound, Duet AI will enhance your presence in meetings. Additionally, we understand that it can be challenging for remote participants to see everyone in the conference room or for colleagues to appear clearly on screen. That's why we're introducing dynamic tiles and face detection, giving each attendee in a meeting room their own video tile with their name. Furthermore, we're launching automatic translated captions in 18 languages. Meet will detect when another language is spoken and display real-time translations, ensuring seamless communication.

To further enhance engagement during meetings, we're removing the burden of note-taking and sending out recaps. Duet AI can now capture notes, action items, and video snippets in real-time with its new "take notes for me" feature. It will then send a comprehensive summary to all attendees after the meeting. Moreover, Duet AI can help latecomers catch up quickly with the "summary so far" feature, providing them with a snapshot of everything they've missed. And even if you can't make a meeting, but still have important input to share, Duet AI has got you covered. With the "attend for me" feature, it can join the meeting on your behalf, delivering your message and ensuring you receive a detailed recap.

With Duet AI, your meetings will become more productive and seamless than ever before. Say goodbye to the hassle of note-taking and the stress of catching up on missed meetings. Embrace the future of collaboration with Duet AI in Google Workspace.

Duet AI revolutionizes your meetings by automatically generating a comprehensive meeting summary and action items, allowing you to effortlessly send out recaps to all participants. Say goodbye to the hassle of note-taking and make your next meeting more productive than ever before.

Connecting has never been simpler

When it comes to collaboration, not every interaction requires a formal meeting. Sometimes, all you need is a quick chat to connect with your team or find a solution to a problem. With the latest updates to Google Chat, these conversations are made even easier with a refreshed user interface, new shortcuts, and enhanced search capabilities. Stay on top of your conversations and effortlessly communicate by chatting directly with Duet AI. You can ask questions about your content, receive a summary of shared documents, and catch up on any missed conversations.

But what about those moments when you need to have a real-time discussion? Google Chat has you covered with huddles. These audio-first, impromptu gatherings powered by Meet allow distributed teams to come together in real-time without the need for a separate scheduled meeting. Switching to voice communication is as easy as a click, right from the space where you are already collaborating. To accommodate larger communities, Chat now supports up to 500,000 participants, making it easier than ever to connect with your team.

We also understand that there are times when you need to respond to important emails on the go or when you're focused on other top priorities. That's why we have enhanced smart replies in Gmail with Duet AI. With just a single tap, you can draft longer, personalized replies, ensuring that your responses are thoughtful and effective.

With these updates to Google Chat and the integration of Duet AI, communication and collaboration have never been more seamless. Whether you need a quick chat, a real-time discussion, or the ability to respond to emails on the move, Google Workspace has you covered.

With a sleek and updated user interface, along with the introduction of huddles in Chat, connecting with your team and organizing impromptu gatherings in real-time has never been simpler.

Ensuring the security of your Workspace data in the era of generative AI

At Google Workspace, safeguarding user privacy and security has always been the top priority. With the introduction of Duet AI, Google is committed to maintaining this promise, ensuring that your interactions with Duet AI remain completely private to you. Rest assured that no other user will have access to your data, and Google will not utilize your data to train our models without your explicit permission. As part of this ongoing dedication, we have recently unveiled new features to bolster cybersecurity, provide enhanced work safety through built-in zero-trust controls, and better support their customers' digital sovereignty and compliance requirements.

Expanding the thriving Workspace ecosystem

Organizations are already experiencing the benefits of collaboration in Workspace, and they are eager to have their favorite third-party apps integrated into the platform. With Workspace's commitment to an open ecosystem, they are actively partnering with trusted technology providers to ensure seamless integration. This includes collaborating with innovative companies like Asana, Miro, and Jumpcloud who all have native deep integration, all within the Workspace environment.

We are collaborating with an expanding roster of reliable technology providers to empower users in streamlining their workflows and accessing cutting-edge tools.

Get started today with Duet AI

For more than a decade, Google has been at the forefront of responsibly harnessing the power of AI to enhance the lives of its users. Now, with the introduction of Duet AI, Google is taking it a step further by empowering individuals to focus on the aspects of their work that truly require human creativity, ingenuity, and expertise. What sets Duet AI apart is its seamless integration with the tools you already use, making it effortless to get started, even if you're currently using a different productivity solution.

Try out this new way of working today with a no-cost trial. Just connect with our team and we'll set you up.