By Anshu Chawaduri • June 1, 2021

Google Cloud Features Update: May 2021

Google Cloud

Features Update Summary - May 2021


The summary of essential information about Google Cloud in May 2021.

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Customers handle up to 28% more concurrent chats with Agent Assist for Chat

Contact Center AI (CCAI) brings Google’s innovation in conversational AI to solve the most challenging customer service needs while lowering operational costs. More than a thousand customers have deployed CCAI and are steadily turning it on to power their production contact centers.

Google Cloud: AI & Machine Learning

Today, we're excited to announce that we’ve made CCAI even stronger with Agent Assist for Chat, now in public preview. Read more.

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Translation API Advanced can translate business documents across 100+ languages

Translation is critical to many developers and localization providers, whether you’re releasing a document, a piece of software, training materials, or a website in multiple languages. Companies acquire and share content in many languages and formats, and scaling translation to meet this need is a tall order, due to multiple document formats, integrations with OCR, and correcting for domain terminology.

Google Cloud: AI & Machine Learning

This feature allows customers to directly translate documents in 100+ languages and formats such as Docx, PPTx, XLSx, and PDF while preserving document formatting. Read more.

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Congrats, you bought Anthos! Now what?

What’s the first thing you do when you get something new? It depends, right? When I bought a new mobile phone, I jumped in to reload my favorite apps and explore the new features. After I got the kitchen remodeled, I looked around and wondered what to do next. Organize things? Cook something?

Google Cloud: Anthos

Buying Anthos is more like the latter than the former—there are so many possibilities that it can be hard to know where to start. But once you have your new application platform in place, there are some things you can do to immediately get value and gain momentum. Here are six things to get you started.  Read more.

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Introduction to a modern application platform for enterprises

Enterprises' needs are evolving in parallel with the evolution of technology. While technology is catching up to meet business needs, businesses are also catching up with technology and thereby adding more opportunities. Traditional enterprises are adapting to tectonic changes and constantly reinventing themselves. In the context of so many changes, it is important to revisit the state of the art needs of an enterprise for a modern application platform and how that would look in the current context.

Google Cloud: Application Modernization

Google also addresses wider needs of enterprise transformation as enterprises evolve people, processes, and applications to adopt a modern application platform. Read more.

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Databricks on Google Cloud is now generally available

Google Cloud and Databricks announced a new partnership to deliver Databricks at a global scale on Google Cloud. Enterprises can deploy or migrate Databricks Lakehouse to Google Cloud to combine the benefits of an open data cloud platform with greater analytics flexibility, unified infrastructure management, and optimized performance. And we are excited to announce that this partnership, which we announced in February, is fully available to the public today! 

Google Cloud: Data Analytics

On top of the solution being generally available, we are also excited to announce that Databricks on Google Cloud is also now available in new regions in Europe, and North America and the APAC regions will be available in July. Read more.

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New this month: Data lakes, speed at scale, and SAP data

As you’ve probably noticed by now, our team is all about our customers. Earlier in the year, the New York Times shared how their data analytics team went from staying up until three in the morning trying to keep their legacy system running to relaxing while eating ice cream after their migration over to Google Cloud.

Google Cloud: Data Analytics

Watch a quick interview below with the team that made it happen. Read more.

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Reinventing the future with a transformation cloud

Looking back on the past year, I see challenges—but also reinvention. Reinvention in how children are educated. Reinvention in how medical professionals provide care. Reinvention in how customers purchase products. This reinvention was made possible by all of the IT leaders around the world who had a vision about what could be possible with technology.

Google Cloud: Data Analytics

Technology has allowed people to work and complete critical activities safely outside of their standard locations. But, it has also enabled transformation in ways we have not seen before: in how people collaborate, in how businesses operate, and most important to me, in how organizations innovate. Read more.

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Transforming your business with the data cloud

I’m so excited to be part of Google Cloud. Data has been a longstanding part of my career and it is at the heart of business transformation. Many companies have mastered the ability to collect data and have mechanisms in place to draw on some of it to solve business problems.

Google Cloud: Data Analytics

Google Cloud brings this expertise in data and software together for businesses of all sizes so that you can gain an advantage from your data. We call this the data cloud. Read More.

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4 new features to secure your Cloud Run services

Cloud Run makes developing and deploying containerized applications easier for developers. At the same time, Cloud Run services need to be secure. Today, we’re announcing several new ways for you to secure your Cloud Run environments.

Google Cloud: Serverless

Let’s take a closer look at each of these new features. Read more.

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Next-generation serverless: three ways enterprises can benefit

As we reflect on the past year, Heraclitus' phrase “The only constant in life is change” has never rung more true. With the pandemic, companies had to shift operations, launch new products and adapt to extreme demand patterns, sometimes within a matter of weeks.

Google Cloud: Google Cloud Platform

The world changed, the market changed, our lives changed and we here at Google Cloud also changed, introducing new products to meet our customers’ needs and grow with them. Read more.

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Announcing Google Cloud 2021 Summits [frequently updated] – Google News App

Google Cloud 2021 Summits kicking off with Data Cloud Summit this week

There are a lot of great things happening at Google Cloud, and we’re delighted to share new product announcements, customer perspectives, interactive demos, and more through our Google Cloud Summit series, a collection of digital events taking place over the coming months

Google Cloud: Google Cloud

Join us to learn more about how Google Cloud is transforming businesses in various industries, including Financial Services, Manufacturing & Supply Chain, and Retail & Consumer Goods. We’ll also be highlighting the latest innovations in data, artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), security and more. Read More. 

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I/O 2021: Our Definitive Guide to Design - Library - Google Design

Google Cloud launches from Google I/O 2021

Google Cloud has become a big part of the excitement as it unveiled a number of major launches around AI, Google Workspace, and sustainability, including a new unified AI platform, rich collaborative experiences, and breakthroughs in carbon-aware computing.

Google Cloud: Google Cloud

If you couldn’t make it and want a quick list of the best cloud sessions, check out my cloud developer’s guide to I/O. To get to the heart of Google Cloud I/O announcements, read on. Read More.

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