Google Cloud Features Update: April 2022

Google Cloud Features Update: April 2022

Google Cloud

Features Update Summary - April 2022


The summary of essential information about Google Cloud in April 2022.

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Introducing Active Assist recommendations for BigQuery capacity planning

Today, we’re excited to make it even easier for you to optimize BigQuery usage with new BigQuery slot recommendations powered by Active Assist, a part of Google Cloud’s AIOps solution that uses data, intelligence, and machine learning to reduce cloud complexity and administrative toil. 

Apr 01 | Google Cloud: DATA Analytics

BigQuery already offers highly flexible pricing models, such as the on-demand and flat-rate pricing for running queries, to meet the diverse needs of our users. Read More

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Reduce scaling costs by up to 50% in Cloud Spanner with doubled provisioned storage

Cloud Spanner is Google Cloud’s fully managed relational database that offers unlimited scale, strong consistency across regions, and high availability up to 99.999%. Spanner handles more than two billion requests per second. Spanner is trusted by customers in financial services, retail, gaming and many other industries.

Apr 05 | Google Cloud: Databases

Customers building applications such as transactional ledger or inventory management on Spanner have higher storage requirements in comparison to compute requirements. Read More.

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Limitless Data. All Workloads. For Everyone

Today, data exists in many formats, is provided in real-time streams, and stretches across many different data centers and clouds, all over the world. From analytics to data engineering, to AI/ML, to data-driven applications, the ways in which we leverage and share data continue to expand.

Apr 06 | Google Cloud: Data Analytics

To address these challenges, we are unveiling several data cloud innovations today that allow our customers to work with limitless data, across all workloads, and extend access to everyone. Read More.

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Introducing Topaz — the first subsea cable to connect Canada and Asia

Google is spearheading construction of the project, joined by a number of local partners in Japan and Canada to deliver the full Topaz subsea cable system. Other networks and internet service providers will be able to benefit from the cable’s additional capacity, whether for their own use or to provide to third parties.

Apr 06 | Google Cloud: Infrastructure

There’s a new subsea cable in town: Topaz, the first-ever fiber cable to connect Canada and Asia. Read More.

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Meet Google’s unified data and AI offering

We’ve learned from Google’s years of experience in AI development how to make data-to-AI workflows as cohesive as possible and as a result our data cloud is the most complete and unified data and AI solution provider in the market. By bridging data and AI, data analysts can take advantage of user-friendly, accessible ML tools, and data scientists can get the most out of their organization’s data.

Apr 06 | Google Cloud: AI & Machine Learning

Without AI, you’re not getting the most out of your data. Without data, you risk stale, out-of-date, suboptimal models. But most companies are still struggling with how to keep these highly interdependent technologies in sync and operationalize AI to take meaningful action from data. Read More.

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Analyze Looker-modeled data through Google Sheets

Looker’s platform offers a unified semantic modeling layer that works within Looker and through Google Sheets to enable collaborative, ad-hoc analysis of cloud data sources. This means that you can centrally define the metrics needed to understand your business, and take advantage of the scale and freshness of data in the cloud, while still empowering users to access that governed, trusted data.

Apr 08 | Google Cloud: Infrastructure Modernization

At Google Cloud, we believe that democratizing access to fresh, consistent, enterprise data is the key to driving digital and cultural transformation. Read More.

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Top 5 Takeaways from Data Cloud Summit ‘22

Data is no longer solely the realm of the analyst. Every team, customer and partner needs to be able to interact with the data they need to achieve their goals. To help them do so, we announced 15 new products, capabilities and initiatives that help remove limits for our users.

Apr 12 | Google Cloud: Data Analytics

To compete in a fast-moving, transforming, and increasingly digital world, every team, business, process, and individual needs to level up the way they think about data. Read More.

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Your ultimate guide to Speech on Google Cloud

Thanks to AI, speaking out loud has become a primary way of not only communicating with machines (like when you tell your smartphone to send a text or ask your smart speaker about the weather), but also enriching human interactions (such as generating captions in near real-time during a video meeting).

Apr 14 | Google Cloud: AI Machine Learning

We’ll explore some of the most interesting and practical applications of speech technology, as well as the Google Cloud tools that make building these sorts of apps possible. Read More.

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Extend your data to new uses with MongoDB and Apigee

In many organizations, crucial enterprise data is locked in dozens or hundreds of silos that may be controlled by different teams and stuck in systems that no longer serve business needs. This type of data infrastructure complexity is a blocker for innovation and insights, and ultimately hampers the business’s ability to move forward.

Apr 19 | Google Cloud: Databases

In this blog post, we’ll review how MongoDB and Apigee can provide a great joint solution to this problem. Read More.