Google Cloud Features Update: February 2021

Google Cloud Features Update: February 2021

Google Cloud

Features Update Summary - February 2021


The summary of essential information about Google Cloud in February 2021.

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How to optimize your network for live video on Google Cloud

Like so many industries impacted by the global pandemic, the media and entertainment industry was forced to quickly create ad-hoc solutions to help broadcasters “keep the show on the air.” This caused seismic shifts in media production, distribution, and consumption, which accelerated trends like virtual work that were already underway and are now likely permanent. Google Cloud can be a key enabler in the long-term evolution of live TV supply chains. 

Google Cloud: Network

This blog post is one of the first in a series from the Google Cloud teams that work closely with media customers and partners every day. In this installment, we share best practices for network setup and configuration, which is crucial for high-quality video broadcasts. Read more


Set up Anthos Service Mesh for multiple GKE clusters using Terraform

Using Anthos Service Mesh requires GKE clusters and firewall rules. As well, access to the GKE GKE control plane needs to be granted, if private clusters are used. Infrastructure-as-code (IaC) makes bootstrapping Anthos Service Mesh significantly easier. In this blog post, we explain the new features of Anthos Service Mesh, and how to implement it across two private GKE clusters using Terraform. We also provide automation scripts, giving a guided tour for setting up a cloud environment.

Google Cloud: Hybrid & Multi-cloud

Anthos Service Mesh is a managed service mesh for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) clusters. Anthos Service Mesh allows GKE clusters to use a single logical service mesh, so that pods can communicate across clusters securely and services can share a single Virtual Private Cloud (VPC). Read more


What are my hybrid and multicloud deployment options with Anthos?

Anthos is a managed application platform that extends Google Cloud services and engineering practices to your environments so you can modernize apps faster and establish operational consistency across them. With Anthos, you can build enterprise-grade containerized applications faster with managed Kubernetes on Google Cloud, on-premises, and other cloud providers. In this blog post, we outline each of Anthos deployment options.

Google Cloud: Anthos

Anthos on bare metal allows you to leverage existing investments in hardware, OS and networking infrastructure. The minimal system requirement to run Anthos on bare metal at the edge on resource-constrained hardware. Read more


Introducing real-time data integration for BigQuery with Cloud Data Fusion

Businesses today have a growing demand for real-time data integration, analysis, and action. More often than not, the valuable data driving these actions—transactional and operational data—is stored either on-prem or in public clouds in traditional relational databases that aren’t suitable for continuous analytics. While old-school migrations or batch ETL loads can achieve the objective of loading data to a data warehouse, these high-latency approaches don’t cut it when it comes to making the accurate decisions based upon the most up-to-date insights. 

Google Cloud: Data Analytics

Cloud Data Fusion is a fully managed, cloud-native data integration and ingestion service that helps developers, data engineers, and business analysts alike to efficiently build and manage ETL/ELT jobs. Today we’re announcing the public preview launch of the replication application in Data Fusion that enables low-latency, real-time data replication from transactional and operational databases such as SQL Server and MySQL directly into BigQuery. Read more

Google Cloud Platform

Google Cloud AI leaders share tips for getting started with AI

Machine learning (ML) can help you solve hard business problems in new ways, but getting started can feel overwhelming. We are fortunate to have some great leaders in Google Cloud AI who have decades of experience in artificial intelligence (AI) and have generously agreed to share a few words of advice from their learnings. 

Google Cloud: AI & Machine learning

In the following videos they share tips for businesses and organizations getting started in AI, as well as what’s top of mind for them in Cloud AI this year. Read more

What you can learn in our Q1 2021 Google Cloud Security Talks

Join us for our first Google Cloud Security Talks of 2021, a live online event on March 3rd where we’ll help you navigate the latest in cloud security. We’ll share expert insights into our security ecosystem and cover the following topics.

Google Cloud: Identity & Security

We look forward to sharing our latest security insights and solutions with you. Sign-up now to reserve your virtual seat. Read more


Build a chatbot resume on Google CloudWhat you can learn in our Q1 2021 Google Cloud Security Talks

Getting the job you want requires you to stand out to potential employers—especially in the current job market. Recently I did just that by building a conversational chatbot on Google Cloud that answers questions about my professional experience (plus some surprises). Not only did I stand out, but I learned how to build and host my own chatbot on my website.

Google Cloud: AI & Machine learning

How to Creating a new Dialogflow agent Read more

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Protect your Google Cloud spending with budgets

TL;DR: Budgets and alerts are probably the first step to staying on top of your Google Cloud costs. If you care about money, you should definitely set up a budget. In this post, I break down a budget and show how to set one up

Google Cloud: Cloud Spending

Budgets and alerts fit well into the inform phase of the FinOps lifecycle for visibility. Read more