Most helpful Google Workspace tips from 2022 | GoPomelo

Most helpful Google Workspace tips from 2022 | GoPomelo

Most helpful Google Workspace tips from 2022

Google Workspace has gathered helpful tips for working smarter for your 2023

Throughout 2022, Google has been developing technology to support the hybrid working environment as most organizations across the globe tend to apply hybrid work policies to ensure that it can meet the desire for a remote environment from employees. Google has put together some Google Workspace tips that can help your workday even more effectively. 

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1. Setting your working location and hours in Google Calendar.

As people are working hybrid nowadays, sharing working location and hours helps create more collaborative and effective meetings, especially when you are working from different locations or time zones.

2. Scheduling Focus Time in Google Calendar

‘Focus Time’ is similar to ‘Out of Office’ which includes the option to automatically decline conflict events or meetings so you can stay focused on your important tasks.

3. Using ‘Undo Send’ to make emailing smoother

Sometimes, you might be nervous about sending something you might want to get back. Gmail can actually set up the ‘undo send’ which can be up to 30 seconds once the email was being sent. This is a perfect feature if you are sending an email and have second thoughts about revising it.

4. Chrome users can hit ‘Control/Command + Shift + T’ to restore a recently closed browser window and all of the tabs. 

Easy shortcut to help you re-open all the window browsers or tabs that were accidentally closed.

5. Stay safe and secure online with Gmail

Spammers and scammers have always been the problems no one would like to deal with. Google has been protecting Gmail users with around 15 billion unwanted messages a day. Here are some guidelines to watch out for scammers.