AI advancements designed to tackle your security challenges

AI advancements designed to tackle your security challenges

To overcome the persistent and underlying security challenges such as the ever-increasing threats, the laborious efforts required by security teams to achieve desired outcomes, and the ongoing shortage of skilled security professionals, Google Cloud is dedicated to providing effective solutions. By harnessing the power of Duet AI and implementing innovative measures across its security operations and cloud platforms, Google Cloud aims to supercharge security and bring significant enhancements to the table.

Tackling the Most Pressing Security Issues with AI

Taking a comprehensive approach, Google is committed to securing AI and leveraging its power to enhance security products. This includes implementing posture, governance, and compliance controls for AI workloads across Vertex AI and other customer-deployed solutions on Google Cloud. At the forefront of this initiative is the groundbreaking Google Cloud Security AI Workbench, a versatile platform driven by the cutting-edge Sec-PaLM 2 security foundation model. Through this platform, they empower their own applications, as well as partner and customer apps, with AI-driven capabilities.

Enhancing Security with Duet AI

To enhance their AI capabilities, Google has introduced Duet AI in Google Cloud, which serves as Google's AI collaborator, offering cloud defenders with generative AI-powered assistance whenever and wherever they require it. This addition of Duet AI has been specifically integrated into three essential products for cybersecurity professionals.

  • Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence, organizations can now easily uncover the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) employed by threat actors. By condensing their cutting-edge threat intelligence into a user-friendly format, security teams gain quick insights into Google's adversary reports, the latest threats targeting their organization, and actionable threat intelligence strategies that can be implemented across their entire organization.

Duet AI in Mandiant Threat Intelligence summarizes threat research

  • Duet AI integrated into Chronicle Security Operations revolutionizes the way cyber defenders detect, investigate, and respond to threats. By simplifying search, complex data analysis, and threat detection engineering, Duet AI reduces the burden on defenders and enhances their effectiveness. With Duet AI, Chronicle automatically provides a concise summary of ongoing cases, offers context and guidance on critical threats, and suggests actionable response strategies. Additionally, Duet AI powers Chronicle's innovative natural language search feature, allowing defenders to ask questions in everyday language and receive refined and iterative search results based on their queries.
Duet AI in Chronicle Security Operations summarizes cases and recommends next steps
  • With Duet AI integrated into the Security Command Center, teams can proactively stay ahead of adversaries by instantly analyzing security findings and identifying potential attack paths. These advanced capabilities simplify complex issues, making it easier for non-specialists to effectively defend their organization. By providing a concise summary of threat criticality, implications, and recommended remediations, Duet AI in the Security Command Center ensures that no critical findings are overlooked, reducing the burden on security teams and enhancing overall security posture.

Duet AI in Security Command Center explains attack path simulations

Continue your journey to enhanced security with Google Cloud

Google Cloud brings together frontline intelligence and expertise, a modern SecOps platform, and a trusted cloud foundation, all infused with the power of gen AI to help drive the security outcomes you’re looking to achieve. 

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