Work from home tech tips for your business continuity...

Work from home tech tips for your business continuity...

Keep your workforce connected, productive and secure from anywhere.

During this time GoPomelo will use the cloud based productivity and collaboration tools that we love, to continue providing support and consultancy services to you and all our customers.

We understand that this will be a difficult time for you to continue to be productive and would like to offer you help to ensure that your businesses can continue to operate while working remotely. 

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Set up your teams for remote work

  1. Use G Suite to create team email groups to quickly share information via email.
  2. Chat rooms on Hangouts are encouraged for team members for faster moving discussions.
  3. Use team shared drives in Google Drive for your team to store, search, and access files from any device.
  4. Schedule meetings now so you can stay in contact later. Set up repeating calendar invites, create an agenda ahead of time, and attach relevant docs to the invite. With Google Meets integration, a video conference link is automatically added to each calendar invite.

Untitled design (1)-2Keep your team connected and organised

  1. Hold daily meetings to stay connected with your co-workers. Working at home can be isolating for some, and video conferencing is a great way to keep people engaged. 
  2. Share goals and updates regularly. Whether it’s through a Hangouts chat group, or in a shared document, a record of what’s being accomplished is a great way to feel connected, keep everyone up to date, and follow-up on action items.

Continue to communicate and meet with external contacts

Meet with customers and partners by hosting Hangouts Meets Video Conferences. Give your attendees a link to join with just one click and offer them a HD video experience with features like closed captions, screen share and meeting recording.

Please do connect with us to see how we can help you keep productive in these times by submitting contact form or kindly email to