The path to true transformation in the Next Normal

The path to true transformation in the Next Normal

A common term during the Covid-19 pandemic has been the New Normal as it had an immense impact on individuals, industries, and organizations. All organizations have felt the effects in one way or another. During this time we’ve experienced a rapidly changing environment, quick decision making and actioning, and the need for remotely available tools and technologies to keep us productive. 

In the midst of all this, we need to start looking forward and embracing the changes and be more prepared when events like these would recur. This is truly the time to look at how to future-proof your organization through technology to be ready for the Next Normal. 

Navigating the crisis, emerge stronger, adapt faster, and prepare for the next normal

To support leaders navigating the crisis, we have build a Next-Normal framework consisting of four phases.

Navigating the crisis, emerge stronger, adapt faster, and prepare for the next normal

Don’t just React, Act!

Business leaders often pride themselves on quick and bold decisions in times of crisis and economic downfall. However, there is not a single CEO or management team that could have foreseen the impact of the pandemic. In these extreme times one of the most common reactions has been to freeze budgets, cut costs, lay off employees, and/or other drastic measures to continue the same way as before. A recent McKinsey Research shows that more than 40 percent of successful transformation value comes from growth initiatives. 

To fully thrive in the Next Normal fundamental changes are needed. Not only the technology but also the business model and mindsets need to to be shifted in order to not just fall back in the old habits. 

When we’re talking about full transformation in business, culture, and technology will bring organizations not only through this crisis but through the years ahead.

Move Faster.

A common term heard in transformation is “Speed”, and if we look at the the fastest moving companies this is certainly the case. The ability to instantly being able to make rapid decisions and shift business priorities to adapt and think ahead with little disruption is at the heart of these organizations, an example is to shift for employees from office to home without disruption in their ability to perform their work. 

Speed is truly one of the most defining characteristics of a successful transformation. Quick changes do not only allow a company to get early wins by unlocking employee ideas faster, but also allocating the right resources and shutting down inefficient process quicker. 

Moving fast from the start allows you to take on the tougher parts of true transformation and make impactful changes for your employees and clients.

All peopleVisible Leadership

One of the most heard sayings is that People don’t quit a job, they quit a boss (HBR, 2018). Leaders nowadays are not just a name they need to be visible and supportive to employees. Your people want to feel connected to your company and without visible leaders they are often reluctant to change, not fully committed to your brand, or commonly less productive.

Truly successful transformation starts with the CEO or Leadership creating conviction in the employees to drive the change forward. And going even further they need a shift in mindset that makes them believe a culture shift is possible. 

This is easier said than done, but it starts with transparently sharing information about decision making within the organization and the ability to listen and ask from feedback from your people, as they are the ones caring out your mission.

Next Normal Readiness through Technology

The adoption of digital technologies has spiked tremendously over the last months and it’s time to accelerate digital transformation initiatives further by choosing the right tools fitting  the needs of your organization.

In the coming weeks we will show more on how our partner technologies from Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twilio, Salesforce, and more help you reach your Next Normal goals faster.

If you’re interested in a free ideation session with one of our senior leaders to create your technology blueprint for the next normal, contact us.

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