Protect Your Business With These 6 Easy Steps

Protect Your Business With These 6 Easy Steps

Protect Your Business With These 6 Easy Steps.jpgEnsuring a safe and private environment is of big importance in the cloud. A recent blog by Joy Albert (Policy Communications Manager, Google) shows you already the five easy tips to help you stay safe online. Sharing these tips as well as showing you extra ways to ensure a secure environment. Google has already put in many security measures and uses their own developed technology to keep the internet safe.

Find the tools that Google and our partners have available already and you should use to secure your data and information of your business.

Take a Security Checkup

Take two minutes of your time to secure your account at This quickly checks your settings and makes recommendations with easy fixes to keep your Google account secure. If all the checks are green it means that your account is secure, if it signals a yellow or red exclamation point it means you have at least one action item you should tend to. This site will constantly gets updated with the latest security threats, so the advice shown is always up to date.

Don’t ignore automatic warning signs

It can be hard to spot phishing scams or hazardous websites, even if you’re an internet power user. Google’s automated systems scans, detects and warn you about sites which contains malware, or try to phish you. If you follow the warning instructions you have nothing to worry about, just by following the instructions.  

Protect your account by enabling 2-Step Authentication

2_step_verification.max-1000x1000.pngEnabling 2-step verification is adding an extra security layer to your account. With 2-step verification in place, you’ll need your traditional password that you have already and a verification code, that can be sent to your mobile number, via the Google Authenticator app or via a YubiKey which is a hardware key which you can connect with your Chromebook, desktop or Mac. Enable your 2-step verification.


Safely download your apps in the Google Play store

As an Android user, you can best download apps from the Google Play Store. Google Play Protect scans apps and your mobile device 24/7 to keep out malicious programs and secure your mobile with the latest protection layer.

“In 2017 alone, we took down more than 700,000 apps that violated Google Play policies, 70 percent more than the apps taken down in 2016.” GPP is the best protection your android has so you can trust on the security of your data and information

You can also use Google Play Protect to protect your phone if you lost or misplaced it. Go to to locate, ring, lock and erase all your Android devices.

Encrypt your Email

The standard (TLS) encryption tools of G Suite are already great but in some cases you may want more encryption. In our previous blog we mentioned 6 reasons why you should use email encryption. Virtru allows you to comply and meet those requirements.  

Challenge of WiFi Security

WiFi points within companies are growing, more and more people are connecting wireless to your company network. But how are you managing the different people that join your network and how do you keep it secure. The challenge that WiFi has created is that it’s a security risk. Find this post by JumpCloud providing you with best practices for WiFi security.

Continue to keep your investment secure and check up with the latest security measures for more information you can also book a security assessment with GoPomelo.
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