New Year, New Initiatives! What and How?

New Year, New Initiatives! What and How?

“Let me know if you can see my screen”, “You’re on mute”, “I need to jump on another call”, “You’re breaking up” is probably the most commonly used phrases in 2020 and everyone can relate to that. It’s been a challenging year for all of us. Let’s take this coming New Year opportunity to initiate and engage with everyone in the company with a full spirit. Use a “Happy List” that GoPomelo’s Workplace team has created to help you and your employees kick start the New year and keep the spirit going throughout the year.

How will this work? We have thought about this so what you can do is just easily choose from the happy list below follow the simple steps and get ready to welcome the best year of employee experience.

Happy list

So what do you think of our Happy List? We believe with these simple and transparent steps you can start building the community feeling. As the employee experience is crucial for every company to make work more effective. Start building yours before it’s too late.

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