Google Workspace Frontline

Google Workspace Frontline Is Officially Available

Google Workspace Frontline Is Now Available!


Providing only the necessities for frontline employees to be at their best at all times.

With the ever-changing circumstances of the past year, Google has innovated a solution to enhance collaboration and inclusion within employees with regard to their location, roles, experience level, language, and even device preferences.  Google Workplace Frontline is a platform built specifically for frontline employees like nurses, support engineers, etc. in a way that is safe and secure. This custom solution provides business-grade support for employees along with reliability features such as endpoint management which keeps an organization's data secure.

Your frontline employees get access to Google Workspace apps including: 

Woman using a Chromebook          Front desk illustration          Man and Woman comunicating through cloud

    • Gmail—Send and receive mail using your business email address
    • Meet—Join secure video meetings from any devices (up to 100 participants)
    • Calendar—Share calendars to easily schedule meetings and events
    • Docs—Collaborate in real-time on online documents, spreadsheets, and presentations
    • Drive—Store and backup files securely in the cloud with 2 GB storage per user
    • Chat—Communicate in groups or one-on-one, with text and rich media

With Google Workspace, various communication and collaboration channels open up which bridges the gap between the frontline and corporate team, thus allowing frontline employees to be at their best at all times. 

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