Customer Story | Ngernturbo Connects their Entire Organization in Authentic Ways with Workplace from Meta

Customer Story | Ngernturbo Connects their Entire Organization in Authentic Ways with Workplace from Meta

Ngernturbo: Connecting their Entire Organization in Authentic Ways with Workplace from Meta

“The importance of communication and connection with the entire organization outweighs the cost to be on the platform.” – Panus Sriwattana, Senior Digital Transformation Manager at Ngernturbo
Ngernturbo Connect their Entire Organization


Ngernturbo Co., Ltd. is a fast-growing financial services company in Thailand with 760 branches. The company offers a variety of financial services, ranging from automobile leasing, personal loan, and nano finance. The majority of Ngernturbo's management team consists of young and talented professionals with an average age in their 30s. 

Before the implementation of Workplace from Meta, their internal communication was a big challenge since 90% of their workforce are frontline users.  Though most of their employees are Millennials, they did not support the use of personal messaging apps for work, therefore, it was a challenge for them to find a platform that would be secure, intuitive yet user-friendly which would not only help their employees to communicate better but to make sure that it was truly adopted. 

The CEO was introduced to Workplace from Meta and quickly accepted it as a go-to platform for connecting and communicating with all their employees, especially the frontline users. Due to the familiarity with the interface, there was no doubt that the adoption rate was phenomenal within weeks of using it. Three years after being on the platform they made a tough decision to move away from it due to the investment involved but decided to return two months later, sharing that they have never experienced any better way to connect with their entire organization than on Workplace from Meta and that has outgrown the associated investment. 

The Result after launching Workplace from Meta

  • 100% monthly active users engaging on the platform 
  • Centralized business communication within the secured platform, moved away from Line 
  • 360-degree access to the entire organization was enabled, ensuring  maximum productivity

How GoPomelo helped Ngernturbo to successfully use Workplace from Meta

GoPomelo worked hand in hand with Ngernturbo to successfully implement Workplace from Meta to the entire organization. With technical integration and deployment services, GoPomelo ensures that NgernTurb teams have a seamless and smooth transition from their traditional platform. This implementation helped Ngernturbo improve their employee engagement and establish a more connected workplace in an authentic way. Workplace from Meta now becomes a go-to platform for community build, communication, and collaboration.    


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