Customer Story | CARSOME Connects the Hybrid Workforce on One Single Platform to Foster Employee Engagement

Customer Story | CARSOME Connects the Hybrid Workforce on One Single Platform to Foster Employee Engagement

CARSOME: Connecting the Hybrid Workforce on One Single Platform to Foster Employee Engagement

“I absolutely love Workplace – it makes it much easier to organize and communicate activities and events to better engage our staff, and in the process build our multi-region community in a more efficient way. There’s a lot less noise on our personal channels as well.”
Elaine New, Products Operations Lead, CARSOME

Carsoem x WP x GoPomelo

CARSOME is Southeast Asia’s largest integrated car e-commerce platform across Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Singapore. It provides end-to-end solutions to consumers, from car inspection to ownership transfer to financing, promising a service that is trusted, convenient and efficient. To fuel their growth, they have grown their team across APAC to 4,000+ people in less than one year.

As the popularity of Workplace from Meta spread, the company knew it had to encourage its employees across the APAC region to carry on doing what they were doing - communicating with one another within and outside their departments. This was done by creating Workplace Groups that helped smoother communication, especially when important announcements were made. It also allowed them to interact more easily with employees who joined after them and disseminated information more effectively than before.

In order to give its 4,000 employees across APAC a real sense of belonging, CARSOME needed to ensure they were all simultaneously engaged on a single platform. Workplace from Meta provided them with the tools to do just that. Importantly, CARSOME’s adoption of Workplace from Meta finally gave the company the culture it needed to foster employee engagement and become the brand it’s always wanted to be—one that people can truly connect with.

How Workplace from Meta helped the company

  • Inter and intra-department communication became more streamlined with improved communication efficiency through the introduction of Workplace Groups and Chat.
  • Important announcements were more effectively disseminated; subsequent follow-up and effectiveness grew.
  • CARSOME’s employee onboarding process became seamless, as new joiners were quickly connected with the relevant groups as well as the information they needed.
  • Employees were encouraged to have more fun and take care of their wellness through constant interaction in Workplace.

How GoPomelo helped the company

GoPomelo worked hand in hand with Carsome to successfully roll out Workplace to the entire organization. With technical integration and deployment services, GoPomelo ensured that user access and organization interoperability is super seamless. GoPomelo’s custom communication and enablement program ensured that all staff is able to adapt and get the most out of Workplace from Meta to enhance their productivity. This implementation helps eliminate employee engagement challenges and provides CARSOME’s team with a more connected workplace on One Single Platform. 


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