Workplace: Learn Corporation Shared their Thoughts about Workplace from Meta and GoPomelo

Workplace: Learn Corporation Shared their Thoughts about Workplace from Meta and GoPomelo

Learn Corporation shared their thoughts about using Workplace from Meta as their main communication tool with GoPomelo

Learn Corporation Co., Ltd. is the first educational organization in Thailand to have applied technology as a learning innovation to meet the needs of people of all ages. The company was founded in 2005 with the aim of improving the equity of national education for society’s lasting happiness and success. Currently, Learn Corporation has 9 business segments with around 1,000 employees across the country. 

Early this year, Learn Corporation realized that they needed to utilize two-way communication in the organization. Previously, the organization used e-mail as their main internal communication channel, but this channel cannot measure employee engagement. Therefore, the organization began to discuss with the GoPomelo team about the new channel. After the discussion, they found that the existing communication channel can be replaced by Workplace from Meta!

In this seminar, GoPomelo is honored to have Khun Abhinut, HR Internal Communications Section Manager  at Learn Corporation to be our guest speaker and share his thought about using Workplace fromMeta as the main communicating tool within the organization which enables them to;

Connect Everyone

Shortly after launching Workplace, Learn Corp has transformed their workplace into a community where people can communicate and collaborate through a single channel. The purpose of usage is not only for work matters. But it is also used to give employees the opportunity to discuss their interests together. Using the Group feature, employees create groups based on their interests, such as exercise, movies, or music to discuss and share their opinions.  It makes them feel closer to each other even when they are working from home.

Increase Engagement

Another interesting feature is Live video - Learn Corp has brought live video as a communication tool between executives and employees.  The organization has also created activities between HR and employees during work from home. This helps reduce the communication gap between C-level and employees and increases engagement.


Watch the recorded webinar ‘How Leaders Can Build a Future of Work that Works for Everyone’ to find out more about why Thailand's leading educational organization, Learn Corporation, chose Workplace from Meta as their internal communication tool.


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