Workplace: Dhipaya Shared their Thoughts about Workplace from Meta and GoPomelo

Workplace: Dhipaya Shared their Thoughts about Workplace from Meta and GoPomelo

Dhipaya Insurance shared their thoughts about using Workplace from Meta as their main communication tool with GoPomelo

When you think of leading insurance companies in Thailand, I believe the first company that comes to your mind is Dhipaya Insurance. The company has been trusted by Thai people for over 70 years and has more than 1,400 employees with 30 offices across the country. Needless to say, organizations with a large number of employees will certainly encounter communication issues - Dhipaya was one of them.

In addition to communication restrictions, Dhipaya also faced the problem of training costs as their employees are working in different locations. And for these reasons, Dhipaya has begun to adjust by bringing in communication tools to help reduce operational constraints while encouraging employees to have access to resources more quickly.

In this seminar, GoPomelo is honored to have Khun Thanikarn, HR Director at Dhipaya Insurance to be our guest speaker and share her thought about using Workplace from Meta as the main communicating tool within the organization which enables them to;

Reduce training cost

Dhipaya has introduced the Live video feature as a tool for E-Training, which can reduce costs by over 95% and employees can learn what they are interested in from anywhere at any time.

Create more connected Workplace

Dhipaya has also created monthly activities like fun games with prizes using Group feature to help encourage employees to participate in Workplace from Meta. This activity has helped the organization improve employee engagement. 


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