Google Cloud Features Update: April 2023

Google Cloud Features Update: April 2023

Google Cloud Features Update Summary - April 2023

The summary of essential information about Google Cloud in April 2023.

Google Cloud Icon Logo Large 192px color (png)-3Data Cloud & AI Summit round-up: What’s new in Cloud SQL

Google Cloud just hosted the third annual Data Cloud & AI Summit, where we unveiled new product innovations to help you take advantage of open data cloud solutions, while embracing a vibrant partner ecosystem.

April 06 | Google Cloud: Database

Cloud SQL is a fully-managed relational database service for MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQL Server, built on trusted Google Cloud infrastructure and integrated with the best of Cloud. Read More.

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Do the numbers: How AI is helping revolutionize accounting

Digits leverages cloud services to scale its cutting-edge machine learning (ML) expertise, helping businesses speed up accounting workflows and better understand and act on their financial status

April 07 | Google Cloud: AI & Machine Learning

Take its Digits Transaction Review product. Everyone who’s ever submitted an expense report knows the annoyance of categorizing receipts, and everyone who’s ever approved an expense report knows the frustration of correcting miscategorized expenses or verifying cost categories.  Read More.


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Overview of the AlloyDB Index Advisor feature and how to use it

One of the time consuming tasks for DBAs is to maximize query performance. To optimize slow-running queries, they often have to do detailed analysis, understand optimizer plans, and go through a lot of trial and error before getting to the best set of indexes that help with improved query performance.

April 11 | Google Cloud: Databases

However, even with expert knowledge of a database’s internals, it is challenging to choose an effective set of indexes, especially when workloads change over time. Read More.

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Modernizing Public Sector Call Centers

For several decades, call centers have played a crucial role in providing support for citizens using government services. However, the massive spike in caller volume and heavy strain on operations during the height of the COVID pandemic has driven government agencies to reimagine its call center experience.

April11 | Google Cloud:  Application Modernization

Google Cloud’s Contact Center AI (CCAI) and Apigee API Management are used together to modernize and improve government call center operations. Read More.


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Best practices and a tutorial for using Google Cloud Functions with MongoDB Atlas

Serverless applications are becoming increasingly popular among developers. They provide a cost-effective and efficient way to handle application logic and data storage.

April 15 | Google Cloud: Databases

Two of the most popular technologies that can be used together to build serverless applications are Google Cloud Functions and MongoDB Atlas. Read more.


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Learn by doing: Introducing Google Cloud Jump Start Solutions

Jump Start Solutions are pre-built sample applications and infrastructure best-practices that you can deploy within a few clicks in your own Google Cloud account.

April 19 | Google Cloud: Application Modernization

You'll get hands-on experience and learn in an interactive environment right in the Google Cloud web console, playing around with open source code and seeing how everything works together, which will help you quickly build confidence and get familiar working with the Google Cloud products. Read More.

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Recommending news articles using Vertex AI Matching Engine

One of the core aspects of recommendation systems is finding similarities among the candidates and the anchor search items.

April 22 | Google Cloud: AI & Machine Learning

Recommendation systems can also improve the user experience, increase sales by sending items that users are more likely to purchase, and reduce customer churn by recommending items that users are more likely to continue using.  Read More.

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Migrating out of AWS just got a lot easier

As an IT leader, you’re asked to do it all: innovate and optimize your tech stack for business outcomes — all while being secure and compliant. It takes heroic efforts to achieve innovation and progress while also tightening budgets and teams.

April 26 | Google Cloud:  Infrastructure Modernization

Migration of AWS EC2 instances directly to Google Compute Engine using Migrate to Virtual Machines follows a well established and easy journey, which means a minimal learning curve for users who are already migrating workloads from VMware. Read More.

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What’s new with Google Cloud

General Availability: Custom Modules for Security Health Analytics is now generally available. Author custom detective controls in Security Command Center using the new custom module capability.

April 25 | Google Cloud: Inside Google Cloud

Want to know the latest from Google Cloud? Find it here in one handy location. Check back regularly for our newest updates, announcements, resources, events, learning opportunities, and more. Read More.

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Announcing Accuracy Evaluation for Cloud Speech-to-Text

We are thrilled to introduce Accuracy Evaluation, the newest feature in our Cloud Speech UI, to allow for easy and seamless benchmarking of our Speech-to-Text (STT) API models and configurations.

April 28 | Google Cloud:  AI & Machine Learning

The STT API covers a wide variety of use cases, from dictation and short commands, to captioning and subtitles. Read More.