Ocean Network Express (ONE) Shared Their Thoughts About Google Workspace and GoPomelo

Ocean Network Express (ONE) Shared Their Thoughts About Google Workspace and GoPomelo

“Google Workspace giving us a confident aspect of security, we can work on features like Files, Gmail and Drive and still maintain a high level of security around all of the usage” — Lenny Lee, General Manager at Ocean Network Express

SAS-Slide 1Source: https://th.one-line.com/ 

Ocean Network Express (ONE) is a new global container shipping company established in 2017 by the integration of the 3 largest Japanese shipping lines providing an extensive liner network service covering over 100 countries.

56-3In April 2018, Ocean Network Express collaborated with GoPomelo to implement Google Workspace across the whole 15,000 users. After the successful launch, they were impressed by the result that this productivity tool has brought to them.

With the power of Google Workspace, now Ocean Network Express is able to: 

Enable Real-Time Collaboration 

Google Workspace empowers employees to do lots of things differently from before while still maintaining a high level of security. With productivity features like Gmail, Google Drive, Google Meet, and Chat, users can work and communicate in real-time no matter where they are. This 

Centralize Management

Traditionally, ONE  had server-based systems in each of their locations. They found it difficult for the operation team to manage all information. Google Workspace made it easy for them to handle their email and storage functions by centralizing all of that into one location at Headquarters in Singapore. 

Check out the full video and hear directly from Lenny Lee, General Manager at Ocean Network Express, about why ONE pinpoints Google Workspace as their perfect match for the company’s culture and how GoPomelo has helped them with this transformation.


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