Why migrate to cloud with Google?

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Today, Cloud presents the same familiar set of choices, just in a different location. We want to change what you can do. Not just where you can do it. Most cloud providers aren’t really giving you new choices. They are letting you rent or buy, which is fine as far as it goes.

Google has never stopped developing in order to get something better. Because if you have been impressed with the use of well-known services such as Google Search, YouTube. We would like to inform you that Google Cloud Platform is working on the same platform as the world-class services mentioned above, and now Google Cloud Platform has expanded to more than 20 services.

Google Cloud Platform lets you focus on what’s next for your business. It frees you from the overhead of managing infrastructure, provisioning servers and configuring networks. To let innovators innovate and let coders, well, just code.

The following is the advantages to moving your business to the cloud.


Future-Proof Infrastructure

Secure, global, high-performance, and cost-effective and constantly improving. Google has built their cloud for the long haul.


Google-grade Security

  • Nearly 500 security experts on policy, process and researching vulnerabilities.
  • Data Centers have restricted access like “mission impossible” technology with Guards, cameras, analytics to detect intruders, thermal imaging, laser detection and biometric scans.
  • VPN — Encryption of all data, at rest or in flight – working with customers supplying own encryption keys.
  • Regulatory compliance certs for our cloud, including ISO, SOX, HIPPA, PCI and  FISMA
  • Own the full stack — Top 5 server manufacturer, Google build everything: hardware, custom software stack Full-stack ownership greatly reduces attack surface Live Migration keeps you running while we patch.


Greenest infrastructure

A better cloud that’s better for the environment. Google datacenters use half the energy of typical datacenters. They do this through a combination of their custom hardware design along with innovations in how they build, operate, and cool the datacenters.

In addition to using less energy, Google cares about where that energy comes from. Currently, 35% of the energy used in the datacenters comes from renewable sources with the rest covered by carbon offsets. They set the goal to power datacenters with 100% renewable energy.

Google has made agreements to fund over $2B in renewable energy projects – those projects will not only help Google but will help everyone move to cleaner energy, In addition to designing data center to be secure, Google design them to be green because moving to the cloud should be better for the planet in addition to your bottom line.


Low-latency, high-quality global network


Google works with partners to deploy fiber cables across Atlantic and Pacific oceans because the network is a cornerstone of cloud, apps need low latency, high bandwidth, secure, super reliable and QoS. With over 75 points-of-presence across more than 33 countries creating the broadest reaching network of any Cloud provider.

Points-of-presence let you connect your existing systems directly to Google backbone from locations around the world, connecting you with the cloud and the cloud to your users and customers.


Non-disruptive upgrades and migrations

Google is the only cloud provider with built-in, transparent live migration. This allows them to replace or upgrade hardware or software without affecting workloads running on it. Because of this, they avoid many of the common causes of cloud provider service outage.


Customer-first pricing or Google Cost Advantage

Google Cloud can save you up to 88%.Google has re-invented the way you pay for cloud. Innovations like per-minute-billing, sustained-use discounts that offer optimal pricing without locking you into potentially obsolescent gear, custom machine types and special pricing for particular use cases combine to give you the best price-performance available from any cloud computing provider.You can use detailed pricing calculator to model your savings in switching to Google Cloud Platform here


Seriously Powerful Data & Analytics

Tap into big data to find answers faster and build better products.  Google BigQuery, Google Cloud Datalab and Google Cloud Dataproc are changing how you analyze and use data. Many customers say tools like BigQuery are “nearly magical” because of their performance. Queries that used to take hours or days now take minutes or seconds. The result: more insights and value, realized by more people in more companies.


No-Ops, Just Code

No-ops means your most precious cycles are devoted to code, with minimal time spent configuring infrastructure.  You can grow from prototype to production to planet-scale, without having to think about capacity, reliability or performance.


Customer Spotlight

Khan Academy

Khan Academy uses Google Cloud Platform to make a world-class education free for the entire world.



See how Coca-Cola’s using Google Cloud Platform to scale up for the world’s biggest sporting events.


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