Transform your business from G Suite Basic to G Suite Business

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G suite (formerly known as Google Apps for Work) helps any company or organization to increase productivity. G Suite offers a range of possibilities with different purposes. G Suite takes care of collaboration, communication and storage and has three different variants of which we will now only discuss two: Basic and Business.

The choice of your G Suite edition is determined by your organization’s specific requirements and preferences.

By using G Suite Basic, you can use: shared calendars and online documents, video meetings or calls through Google Hangouts, cloud-based storage, email and much more.

G Suite Business is the premium variant of G suite Basic and offers access to the same functions available in G Suite Basic but even has additional functions.


Some of the administrative functions are only functions your company can DREAM of such as:

  • Deploy, monitor, and manage security keys
  • Receive Drive activity alerts (customizable)
  • Enable offline access to Docs editors
  • Assign roles and control access
  • Monitor email traffic

G Suite Business takes functionality to another level and includes additional features and controls, such as Google Vault and domain-wide admin managed security keys. In contrast to G Suite Basic, G Suite Business has the advantage of unlimited storage in Google Drive, Photos and Gmail, so you never have to worry about space anymore.


Here are the key features that are available exclusively in G Suite Business:

- Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage in Google Drive, Photos and Gmail, so you don’t have to worry about space ever again.

- Google Vault

This tool provides a convenient way to find, hold and export chat and mail messages. Firstly, it allows you to search chat-, video call-, and email history by keyword, date or user account. Furthermore, it selects, saves, and exports documents, emails, and chats in order to satisfy legal retention requirement, and it enables you to set up archiving rules for chat and email to determine duration before files are deleted. Finding a document was never that easy.

- Advanced reporting and auditing

The Drive audit log helps organizations to easily monitor user activity in Drive. The Admin console allows you to view details and has a filter section that displays events based on specific criteria.

- Data-loss prevention (DLP)

DLP helps you to scan in-, and outbound email. It can easily detect different types of content and will set policy-based actions. Protection to the fullest.

- Mobile device management and auditing in G Suite Business

This feature allows administrators to user events, of all users, on a wide on iOs and android devices.

To conclude, as businesses grow, their needs grow along with them. If you are thinking about more storage, advanced administrative control, better security, and reporting features, think about an upgrade to G Suite Business!

Jaimy Clauzing
Jaimy is a communication expert in GoPomelo’s Cloud Solutions team. She is always looking for learning opportunities, is a problem solving-enthusiast, little tech-freak, and is passionate about teaching and sharing knowledge.