The Gigya Top 10

Why Data Privacy Will Become a Competitive Differentiator

Breach-weary consumers don’t know who to trust with their personal information; companies that build clear, proactive policies can capture their attention and earn their business.

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[eBook] Achieving a Single Customer View: The Holy Grail for Marketers

As channels fragment and consumer identities multiply, businesses are struggling to effectively collect and manage customer data to achieve a single customer view.

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When It Comes to Customer Experience, CMOs Need to Prioritize These Two Things over All Others

89% of companies plan to compete on the basis of customer experience by 2016, calling businesses to adopt the technologies and strategies necessary to implement a relationship-driven approach.

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CMOs Paralyzed by Paradigm Shift (and CIOs Aren’t Helping)

Although 67% of marketers believe new technologies are important to marketing success, only 3% say they’re doing extremely well at integrating technology across functions.

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A Match Made Somewhere: Big Data and the Internet of Things

Enterprises must factor how the Internet of Things is going to affect their business, and respond by establishing the right infrastructure to support the growing complexities of IoT data and analytics.

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3 Major Challenges Solved by Marketing and IT Collaboration

CMO tech budgets are expected to surpass those of IT by 2017 as marketers are tasked with mining the insights necessary to reach consumers with relevance across campaigns – but they can’t go it alone.

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Study: Americans Say They’ve Lost Control Over Personal Data

A new Pew Research Center survey finds that 91% of US consumers agree that they have lost control over their personal data.

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Businesses to Boost Digital Marketing Budgets in 2015

Gartner’s latest survey suggests that 51% of companies plan to increase their digital marketing budgets by an average of 17% in 2015.

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[eCourse] How to Develop an Identity-Driven Marketing Strategy in 7 Weeks

With consumers connecting across multiple devices, demanding personalized experiences and worrying about data privacy, growing customer relationships and loyalty is more complicated than ever before.

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CMOs Divided on How to Use Mobile, Report Says

While 61% of CMOs claim to have integrated some element of mobile into their marketing strategies, 22% still view mobile as a “new territory,” while 15% find it “confusing.”

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