Meet the new Hangouts: Simply start your meetings with a shared link — no accounts, plugins, downloads or hassles



Online meetings are important because teamwork is now global and companies span beyond the intranet, they work from anywhere, at any time. More than half of the workforce will contribute remotely by 2020  so businesses require purpose-built tools to help employees succeed. Google was evolving Hangouts to focus on two experiences that help bring teams together and keep work moving forward: Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat.


Start your meetings with a quick click with Hangouts Meet

Hangouts Meet is a new video meeting experience with one goal: make joining meetings effortless so that people can be as productive as they are when they’re face-to-face. Google has consistently heard from customers about ways they can improve Hangouts, like making it easier to work with external clients or reducing the ‘time to start’ a meeting to zero. That’s why Google has built Hangouts Meet to have a light, fast interface, and smart participant management.

Running 30-person video conferences smoothly is easy with Meet. Simply start your meetings with a shared link — no accounts, plugins, downloads or hassles. Meet provides a place for everyone to join from Calendar, an email invite or an ad-hoc share. If you’re dialing in from a conference room, your laptop or using the dedicated mobile app, just a few clicks and you’re in.

Hangouts Meet




Bring your teams together with Hangouts Chat

Hangouts Chat is an intelligent communication app for teams that takes direct messaging in Hangouts and evolves it to reflect the way modern teams talk business.

Chat’s deep integration with G Suite means shared content from Drive and Docs, or photos and videos can be viewed directly in conversations. And powerful, filterable search in Chat makes it easy to find all your content dating back to the start of the project.

Hangouts Chat


Chat is built not only to reflect the way teams work but to provide a platform for the enterprise tools they work with. The Hangouts Chat platform supports a wide range of capabilities — from bots to simple scripting using Google App Script — and integrates with third-party applications so teams can do more right from within the conversation.

Integrated with third-party apps such as Asana, Box, Prosperworks and Zendesk. And to make workflows even easier, Chat features @meet, an intelligent bot built on top of the Hangouts platform that uses natural language processing and machine learning to automatically schedule meetings for your team with Hangouts Meet and Google Calendar.

Hangouts Meet is generally available today. For the Hangouts Chat G Suite customers can apply to try through the Early Adopter Program.


What’s next?

  • The ability to record meetings and have them saved in Google Drive


Top questions about Hangouts

    • Can external participants join a call?
      • Absolutely. In fact, you can share the same link with all meeting participants, making it easier to get everyone you need on the call.


    • Is the meeting content secure?
      • Yes. All video and audio streams in Meet are encrypted. Users can join securely even if they’re off site.


    • Is a third-party service required for dial-in access?
      • No. Users enabled with the G Suite Enterprise Edition will have the ability to include a phone number and PIN on each of their meetings with no other configuration required. Check the dial-in documentation for further details.


The Future of the Meeting Room (Google Cloud Next ’17)

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