Introducing to Chrome – Security, Speed, Simplicity, Shareability

Cover- Introducing to Chrome - Security, Speed, Simplicity, ShareabilityChrome, the world’s most popular browser and cloud-connected operating system, enables a new generation of business devices for organizations of all sizes. From employee laptops and desktops to video conferencing, digital signage and single-use devices, there’s a Chrome device for you.

What is Chrome?
In 2008, Chrome was released  a  freeware web browser for Microsoft Windows, and was later ported to Linux, MacOS, iOS and Android after that Chrome expand to various products and solutions. Recently Chrome is part of Google Cloud enterprise solutions, including Google Cloud Platform, Google Maps, Android, and G Suite – our suite of intelligent apps for email, documents, calendars and cloud storage.

Chrome Products

  1. Chrome Browser : Browser for businesses, easily deploy and manage Chrome within your company.
  2. Chromebooks : Easy to use, get faster over time and are built from the ground up to be secure.
  3. Chrome devices for meetings : Bring high-quality video conferencing to any room, available for personal spaces as well as conference rooms up to 20 people.
  4. Chromeboxes :  Compact computing devices that are suitable for everyday work as well as for digital signage and kiosks.
  5. Chromebit : Allow you to turn any screen into an affordable computer or digital sign
  6. Chromebases : Simple all-in-one devices perfect for desktop computing and easy-to-deploy kiosks
  7. Chrome Device Management : Manage and configure more than 200 features and policies

Chrome Products


Chrome Solutions

  1. Work computers : Fast, simple and secure devices that help you focus on building your business
  2. Video conferencing : Connect your employees, customers and partners with one click
  3. Digital Signage: An affordable, reliable and flexible device platform that makes digital signage practical, for one screen or a thousand.
  4. Single use device : A simple and secure device platform for specialized use cases, perfect for shift workers, caregivers and other employees.

Chrome Solutions


Chrome four key principles

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  1. Speed - Starts in seconds and gets faster over time so you can focus on getting things done.
  2. Simplicity – intuitive user experience, and ease of management; remove technological barriers
  3. Security – Secure by default with defense at multiple levels, all right out of the box without need for extra software, engineered for security with built-in encryption, sandboxing and automatic updates
  4. Shareable – Be productive on any device simply by logging in with your Google account; share a device easily and securely among many users


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