How Google Handles Your Data


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  • Advanced and secure infrastructure
  • User is ultimately and completely in control of their data
  • Managing security in today’s world has become more difficult
  • Data will safely be stored
  • Working in the cloud has a lot of benefits


Google Apps for Work is chosen by millions of businesses, schools, and government organizations. Teams work better and employees are more productive thanks to our innovative technology. Our technology provides a cloud in which data can be stored securely. It will free companies from the costs of managing infrastructure and configuring networks.

Due to events that happened in recent years, like data breaches, security have received much attention. Companies became hesitant to store their data in the cloud. Trust became an explicit decision criterion. They want to know how their data will be protected and if it’s easy accessible.

Google understands that and that’s why they will protect your data like if it was ours with the help of advanced and secure infrastructure. Our engineers spent years to develop an advanced and secure infrastructure. Security is at the core of our business, and we improve it every day. Because of this, you are ultimately and completely in control of any data you give to Google. You own it, you set the rules for who can access it and how, you take it with you if you leave.


Managing security in today’s world has become critical, complex and fast-moving. More information is accessible online than ever before. Security itself is becoming more complex as more people get access to new technologies. Technology changes faster and is more complex. And work has changed, users have new expectations. They will bypass your tools and security measures if you don’t meet their usability expectations.

How google handles your data

Over the years, data protection became very important because of increased usage of computers. We’ve set a high bar to host, serve and protect our users’ data all over the world. Our customers can be sure that their data will be protected from any unauthorized party and between different cloud customers. Customers will have adequate tools to monitor how their data is handled at Google. Customer data will not be used for advertising. We are transparent about where our customer’s data is stored.

The benefits of the cloud and security

The purpose of cloud computing is to serve as an infrastructure for companies. So instead of building and maintaining their own infrastructure, they can put everything safely in the cloud. Working in the cloud increases collaboration, employees can work from anywhere, software updates are automatic and it’s environmentally friendly.

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