GoPomelo Launches GoPomelo Web

The last few years have seen some extremely healthy growth at GoPomelo as we continue to work closely with key enterprises in Thailand. Our team grows on a monthly basis and we now have some great product specialists, technical experts and application developers onboard.

Today we announce the acquisition of Absolute Web. As we look to focus on custom application development, our partnership allows us to ingest expertise in digital web and application development.

Absolute Web will sit alongside GoPomelo’s current product and service offering and will be known as GoPomelo Web. The team will continue to offer web development services for corporate and ecommerce projects while developing applications tailored to Google Maps, Google Cloud Platform, Custom Google Search, Google Chrome OS, Android/iOS and Google Apps Scripts.

Check out full details on GoPomelo Web’s new service offering, process and projects at and get in touch at if you would like to hear more about the merger and our new service offering in web/application development and design.