GoPomelo attend the Singapore GCP launch

The first Google Cloud Platform (GCP) region in Southeast Asia has just opened in Singapore as asia-southeast1. This launch is only the third in Asia and promises to significantly improve latency for GCP customers and end users in our area.


Customers in Southeast Asia are loving GCP; in fact, the total number of paid GCP customers in Singapore alone has doubled in the past year.

Performance testing shows 51-98% reductions in round-trip time (RTT) latency for customers in Singapore, Jakarta, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok compared to other GCP using regions in Taiwan or Tokyo. This shows that the GCP experience for customers in Southeast Asia is better than ever!


Alex and Scott were thrilled to represent GoPomelo at the launch hosted at Google’s stunning Singapore offices.




Google has launched in Singapore with two zones and the following services:


In addition, any services deployed in Singapore can be combined with other global GCP services such as DLP, Spanner and BigQuery.


Singapore Multi-Tier Cloud Security certification

Google Cloud has now completed the necessary assessment to be recommended, by an approved certification body, for Level 3 certification of Singapore’s Multi-Tier Cloud Security (MTCS) standard (SS 584:2015+C1:2016). We can expect to see formal approval of Google Cloud’s certification in the coming months.

Put simply, this means that any company who requires compliance with the strictest levels of the MTCS standard can now confidently adopt Google Cloud services and host this data on Google Cloud’s infrastructure.


Next steps

For more details on the Singapore region, visit Google’s Singapore region portal, where you’ll get access to free resources, whitepapers, on-demand video series called “Cloud On-Air” and more. The locations page provides updates on other regions coming online soon.

If you’re looking for help to understand how to deploy GCP for your business, we at GoPomelo will be happy to help. Contact our friendly team today.


For more information:

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