G Suite: What’s NEW August 2017

Featured launch:

New Google Docs features help power team collaboration

Getting people on the same page for a project can be tough. It requires managing a ton of opinions and suggestions. The last thing you should have to worry about is making sure your team is literally working on the same document. That’s why Google built powerful real-time editing tools to help with this Google Docs, Sheets and Slides so that teams can work together at the same time, using the most up-to-date version. With this launch, Google introduced new updates to better help with “version control,” to customize tools for your workflows, and to help teams locate information when they need it. Cam Newton  

Track changes, make progress

It can take dozens of edits to make a document just right—especially a legal agreement, project proposal or research paper. These new updates in Docs let you more easily track your team’s changes. NIKE FREE 5.0 Now, your team can:   1. Name versions of a Doc, Sheet or Slide on the web. Being able to assign custom names to versions of your document is a great way to keep a historical record of your team’s progress. It’s also helpful for communicating when a document is actually final. You can organize and track your team’s changes in one place under “Version history” (formerly known as “Revision history”) on the web. Select File > Version history > Name current version. For even quicker recall, there’s an option to select “Only show named versions” in Docs, Sheets or Slides. Maglie Oklahoma City Thunder   2. Preview “clean versions” of Docs on the web to see what your Doc looks like without comments or suggested edits. Select Tools > Review suggested edits > Preview accept all OR Preview reject all.   3. Accept or reject all edit suggestions at once in your Doc so your team doesn’t have to review every single punctuation mark or formatting update. Select Tools > Review suggested edits > Accept all OR Reject all.   4. Suggest changes in a Doc from an Android, iPhone or iPad device. Click the three dots menu in the top right of your Doc screen to suggest edits on the go. nike air max 2016 wit Turn on the “Suggest changes” toggle and start typing in “suggestion mode.”   5. Compare documents and review redlines instantly with Litera Change-Pro or Workshare Add-ons in Docs. New Track change  

Use new templates, add-on time-saving functionality

Teams use templates in Docs and Sheets to save time on formatting. At the same time, developers are building add-ons to customize functionality. Google thought, why not bring these two together? That’s why Google introduced new templates with built-in add-ons and the ability to create your own, so your templates not only look good—but they make sure the work gets done.   These templates allow you to customize and deploy tools specific to your organization’s workflows. Google has launched five examples of this in the general template gallery, like the new Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) template from LegalZoom and DocuSign. With this template, businesses can quickly create an NDA and collect signatures using the DocuSign Add-on for Docs. Bonus: it also automatically detects the required signature fields on the template, which saves, even more, time when you request signatures. This is just one of a few new templates—we’ve also worked with Lucidchart to create a business process manual, PandaDoc for a consulting agreement, Supermetrics for a website paid traffic report, and EasyBib for an MLA report. Each should help you save time and maximize efficiency throughout your team’s workflows.   In addition, you can create your very own template with built-in add-on customized to your company’s workflows. Air Jordan 1 For Kids For example, create a Sheets template paired with an add-on to gather internal approvals or an invoice template in Docs (paired with an add-on) that pulls information from your CRM system.   Admins, if you don’t currently allow your users to install add-ons, you can still use these new templates by deploying specific add-ons only. Or, if you’d prefer to allow your users to install only certain add-ons, you can block specific third-party OAuth scopes and whitelist only those add-ons you trust. Note that templates paired with add-ons abide by the same Admin console settings as all other templates and are available in English only. DocuSign-1920x1080    

Find the information you need, when you need it

Sometimes the hardest part of creating a proposal or client presentation is tracking down the information you need to include in it. Pat Sullivan – Auburn Tigers Jerseys Now for G Suite Business and Enterprise customers, Google Cloud Search will integrate with Docs and Slides via the Explore feature. Using Machine Intelligence, Cloud Search surfaces relevant information to help you work more efficiently throughout your day.   To get started, open the Explore tab in Docs or Slides and type what you’re looking for. Cloud Search will show you important details from your information across your G Suite apps including Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Sites and more, to help you create top-notch Docs and presentations. Explore-Docs-1920x1080  

Business ready

Better manage large events in Google Calendar

Organizing an event with a lot of attendees can be complicated. It’s critical that you allocate the right space for the event, understand how many people will attend, and even check if some specific people, like executives or important clients, will be there. That’s why Google is making it easier to effectively manage events of any size in Google Calendar. With this launch, event organizers working on large events (200 or more guests) can:

    • Use Google Sheets to more easily see who is attending: With this launch, organizers of large events can now use Calendar on the web to export guest lists to Google Sheets, and can also view the total number of attendees.


  • Invite large group mailing lists reliably: Previously, invites that included large group mailing lists wouldn’t update if membership in those groups changed. NIKE AIR ZOOM PEGASUS 33 Going forward, if a group mailing list has been invited to a newly-created event, Calendar will automatically invite any new group members who join after the invite was sent and automatically remove members who leave. In addition, for existing, recurring large events, organizers who would like to make the event dynamic can do so via the steps outlined in this Help Center article.


Data Loss Prevention now available in Team Drives

Protecting your company’s confidential data is critical, regardless of where it’s stored. In January of this year, Google announced Data Loss Prevention (DLP) for Google Drive, giving G Suite Enterprise edition customers more control over how data is shared beyond their company. Now, Google is bringing DLP to content stored in Team Drives. DLP analyzes the files in your organization’s Team Drives for sensitive content. You can set up policy-based actions that will be triggered when any sensitive content is detected. G Suite admins will be able to control what content members of the team can share externally using easily configured rules and easily enforced policies. DLPTeamDrive Important notes about Team Drives:

  • Because Team Drives are owned by the domain, rather than individuals, existing DLP rules applied at the domain level will apply to Team Drives.
  • If a DLP rule is assigned to an organizational unit or a group, then that rule will not apply to Team Drives.
  • When files stored in a Team Drive are flagged by DLP rules, users outside of your organization will lose access to these files.


Anti-phishing security checks in the Gmail app for iOS

In May of this year, Google introduced anti-phishing security checks in the Gmail Android app. They’re now bringing similar checks to the Gmail app on your iOS device. Going forward, when you click on a suspicious link in a Gmail message on your iPhone or iPad, we’ll show the warning below. NIKE AIR MAX LD-ZERO Google recommends that you use caution before proceeding because the link is likely unsafe. Only proceed if you’re confident there’s no risk.

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