Download the G Suite Security Whitepaper


This guide will help you with assessing and creating the security requirements for your G Suite (Google Apps) project.

Cloud computing offers many advantages and conveniences for today’s organizations. Employees can work together in documents in real time from their phone or tablet from any location, and communicate instantly with teammates via video, voice, instant message, or email. No longer tied to a single machine, they have the freedom to work together from anywhere, using any device they choose. Meanwhile, their employers don’t shoulder the cost or burden of maintaining servers and constantly updating software. It’s no surprise, then, that so many organizations around the world are storing their information and getting work done in the cloud. 

This whitepaper will be divided into two main sections:

  • Security – Organizational and technical controls regarding how Google protects your data.
  • Compliance – How your data is processed and details on how organizations can meet regulatory requirements.