Five ways that Chrome helps office workers to be more productive

Cover- Five ways that Chrome helps office workers to be more productiveOffice workers today use several different devices for work.

It’s easy to get started with a Chrome solutions, whether you are an
IT administrator or a brand new employee. Since using a Chrome devices is similar to using the Chrome browser, there’s no steep learning curve to stand in the way of work.

We have five ways that Chrome helps office workers to be more productive.


1. Chromebooks boots in seconds, to get your workers online faster

Starts in seconds and gets faster over time so you can focus on getting things done. No setup needed, just log in with your Google account. No long load times, just flip it open and get busy doing anything other than waiting, and with a long-life battery, you can leave your charger at home.


2. Hold more efficient, productive meetings with Chrome devices integrated directly with Hangouts and Calendar


Video conferencing with anyone, anywhere with Chrome’s video conferencing solutions are powered by Google Hangouts and integrated with Google Calendar, anyone can join your meetings, Enjoy real-time, wireless sharing and collaboration from the web or a mobile device.

Simple deployments, easy management: Set up devices in seconds.
Updates roll out automatically and administrators can control and monitor devices remotely.

Chrome devices can connect your employees, customers and partners with one click. Instantly schedule meetings with dozens of internal and external participants and up to 25 devices.

Built for every room size, Chrome devices for meetings includes all-in-one Chrome devices for personal spaces as well as small and large room Chromebox for meetings products for conference rooms up to 20 people.


3. Automatic cloud backups keep information and data safe

Automatic Cloud Drive backup

With 100GB of free Google Drive storage for 2 years, you can privately upload any photos that you have on your old computer to the cloud and access them from any device, including your Chromebook. All Chromebooks also come with at least 16GB of internal storage so you can store any must-have photos right on your device.

All Chromebooks also come with at least 16GB of internal storage so you can store any must-have photos right on your device.

In term of you have G suite for the business account you will get more space with unlimited storage and archiving.


4. Have workers access data and applications from any Chrome devices securely

Chrome devices securely
Chrome devices uses security technologies like Safe Browsing, sandboxing and auto updates to protect from malicious sites, malware, phishing attacks, and automatically kept up to date, so that you’ll always have the latest virus protection, multiple layers of security, and verified boot help keep you safe from viruses, malware, and other computer nasties.


5. Chrome devices provide the same intelligence and efficiency that users expect in their personal lives


Chromebooks come with free apps like Google Docs, Sheets and Slides, which let you create documents, spreadsheets and presentations in real time with other people, and don’t have to worry about losing any of your work since your files are automatically backed up online and you can also open and edit Microsoft Word, Powerpoint or Excel files.

Sharing easily by switching between accounts is really easy, so you can easily share your Chromebook without anyone else messing with your stuff and stay synced with your Android phones & tablets, and everywhere you’re signed in with your Google account – so your stuff stays with you, even when your laptop doesn’t.


Chrome works for you
From employee laptops and desktops to video conferencing, digital signage and single-use devices, there’s a Chrome device for you.


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