Data analysis in the cloud: Storage, Network and Server Challenges


In Google’s Cloud you have several ways to store your data. There are 6 main options to store your data. Most of the time you make use of a combination of the options. Private documents and files you want to store online and view in your browser can be stored in Google Drive. Google Cloud Storage is used when you want to store application data, consisting of files of almost any kind and size, in the cloud. Other products are Google Cloud SQL, Google BigQuery, Google App Engine, Google Compute Engine.


As told here above Google Cloud can be used to store almost all your data.Google Cloud Storage allows world-wide storage an retrieval of any amount of data at any time. Google Cloud Storage is unified object storage for developers and enterprises, from live data serving to data analytics/ML to data archival.


Your Google Cloud Platform (GCP) networks connect your instances to each other and to the Internet. You can segment your networks, create firewall rules to grant access to specific ports on your instances, and create static routes to forward traffic to specific destination.

Legacy network

Every virtual machine instance is created as a member of a network. It is a member of a single global IP range. In a legacy network, instance IP addresses are not grouped by region or zone. One IP address can appear in one region, and the following IP address can be in a different region.

Subnet network

It is a member of a subnetwork which is member of the network. A subnet network does not require a global network IPv4 prefix range. Instead, a network can contain multiple subnetworks, each with its own IPv4 prefix.

Server Challenges

A virtual machine instance on Google Compute Engine can be controlled like any standard Linux server. Deploy a simple Apache web server to learn the basics of running a server on a virtual machine instance.


Pim Demmer
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