Chrome use cases to leverage your business

Public Sessions

Currently, Chrome has grown very fast, and continue developing for the customer. In the business sector, Chrome can be applied in many ways. we will show the useful adoption of the business part following the topic below.

  • Public Sessions
  • Digital Signage and Kiosks
  • Primary Devices
  • Virtualization


Public Sessions

Commonly shared, multi-purpose devices with locked down functionality and remote management

Public Sessions copy

ChromeOS supports a shared, multi-purpose public mode in many ways

  • Public Terminal
    • Public library
    • Internet cafe
    • Hotel business center
    • Retail portal
  • Shared Device
    • Shared employee computer
    • Classroom carts
  • Lending Program
    • Public library loaner
    • School loaner
    • Corporate travel device
  • Pre-configured Profiles
    • Limited access computing
    • Managed application sets
      • HR portal
      • Limited internet access
      • Factory floor device


Public Sessions Key Functionality

  • Simplicity and Easy to start session, no login required
  • Manageability by complete control over internet access and applications, option for session timeout to log someone out
  • Flexibility and Multi-purpose configurable
  • Security
    • No random app installs, viruses, or malware
    • No user information stored on device
    • All data automatically wiped after logout


Digital Signage and Kiosks

Limited or single use devices with locked down functionality and remote management

Digital Signage and Kiosk2

ChromeOS supports a full-screen single app kiosk mode

  • Digital Signage
    • Store Menus
    • Advertising
    • Public Displays
      • Schedules
      • Weather
      • Status Updates
  • Interactive Displays
    • Concierge
    • Retail Demos
    • Interactive Maps
    • Information Hubs
  • Customer Kiosk
    • Point of Sale Device
    • Store Catalog / Ordering
    • Ticketing
    • Check-in Devices
    • Job Application
  • Single Purpose Device
    • Call Center
    • Access Terminal
    • Assessments
    • eLearning
    • Entertainment
      • Photobooth
      • Games


Digital Signage and Kiosks Key Functionality

  • Simplicity
    • Immediately works when you turn it on
    • No login, boots directly into app
  • Manageability
    • Device is locked down
    • Remotely change app at any time
  • Security
    • No random app installs, viruses, or malware
    • No user information stored on device


Primary Devices

Flexible, easily replaceable devices for individuals or groups with accounts, open functionality, and local management

Primary Devices

ChromeOS supports primary, sharable devices

  • Easy to Use
    • Intuitive, fast, and secure
    • Email, calendar, storage
    • Multiple accounts
    • Primary or shared device
    • Easily replaceable
  • Run Your Apps
    • Customizable experience
    • Control user access and features
    • Pre-install, configure, and block apps and networks
    • Work in web apps, hosted apps, or virtual desktops and apps
  • Open Functionality
    • Installable extensions, plug-ins, hosted applications, and virtual desktops and apps
    • Communicate with others using audio and video
  • 1 or More Logins
    • Single user
      • web, hosted, or virtual apps
      • multiple account sign-ins
      • save local data
    • Multiple users
      • shared by co-workers or students – loaner devices
      • save local data


Primary Devices Key Functionality

  • Using 1:1
    • Employees/Students can take computers home and still have policies enabled
    • Locally stored data (local files, Extensions and Apps)
    • Easily replaceable and locked down if lost or stolen
  • Using 1: Many
    • Less cost/student or employee
    • Higher utilization
    • Just as easily replaceable



Heterogeneous devices that can run virtually any desktop or application on them


ChromeOS supports virtual desktops and applications

  • Use Cases
    • 3 cases to take advantage of thin client computing and bridge to old world desktops and applications Mostly web, occasional apps Separated personal and professional work for security Solely virtual, cost savings
  • Types of Virtualization
    • Virtual Desktop Infrastructure offers dedicated desktops, full desktop cost, Hosted desktop streams shared desktops to multiple users, reduced desktop cost, Hosted app streams individual apps, no desktop cost
  • Solutions
    • Install a hosted application to stream a desktop or individual applications Print using PDF download
  • Platforms
    • Citrix Receiver and VMWare, you can do anything you would normally do on old world computing


Virtualization Key Functionality

  • Simplicity
    • 1 or 2 clicks to open a desktop or application
  • Manageability
    • Administrator or user can install the hosted app
    • Administrator can install once and deploy to all devices automatically
  • Flexibility
    • Device can do any work that you would do on another supported device or application
  • Security
    • Virtualization software completely separates data from the device


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