Why Geolocation should be used by all Marketers!

Posted by Alexandre Youssef on May 17, 2018 4:22:19 PM

The growing use of smartphones around the world already triggered a lot of companies to invest more in the use of mobile data. In our previous blog we already talked about How Mobile Data enables businesses!. This week we focus on the strategy of particular department namely marketing. How can mobile data collection help businesses understand the patterns and trends in everyday actions or movements of users? And more importantly how can the business establish a connection with them?

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Tags: Geospatial Solutions, Google Maps

Google I/O ‘18 - Day 1 Recap

Posted by Oliver Machwirth on May 9, 2018 12:04:35 PM
Google I/O is a yearly event bringing together developers from all over the world and when Google make several product announcements. With a focus on Machine Learning, Google announced several awesome features.
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Google Maps Just Got Easier, Better and Cheaper!

Posted by Oliver Machwirth on May 4, 2018 10:34:34 AM

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$200 monthly usage for Free, New
Streamlined products and Scale as you go!

Google Maps has been around already for 13 years, that means years of innovation and making lives easier. Since the start, industries changed and people’s lives improved. The changing landscape gave us new ways to ride to work, find restaurants in areas that are uncommon to us, searching for houses in areas we want to live or simply guiding us better from one place to another with the least amount of traffic. But now Google is lowering the threshold and opening up with a series of new updates specially designed to make it easier for you! Start taking advantage of geospatial location services.

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How Workplace Helps Organisations Design the Future of Work!

Posted by Oliver Machwirth on May 2, 2018 2:13:52 PM

New technology, new systems, constant updates and improvements to our day to day lives but how are we using these tools to our advantage in the office? When you think that in 2020 at least 50% will be millennial workers of the total workforce in companies, this means 50% of people who grew up with the latest technologies. That’s why we believe that you should put emphasis on designing your future workplace as well.

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Insights on Google Cloud Identity Services

Posted by Natthapong Rermcharoen on Apr 24, 2018 9:36:00 AM

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Google launched Cloud Identity Services (IDaaS), which provides enterprises with simple, secure access for any user to any cloud application from any device. Organisations get access from a single console giving visibility and administration of identity, application and device management. Leading to the enablement and acceleration of cloud-centric applications and services within companies meeting organisational compliance and on-prem identity access management (IAM) systems and apps.

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Tags: Cloud Security, Cloud Identity

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