12 ways Chromebooks Remove Roadblocks to Tech Integration in School



1. Prohibitive device costs

In the past, it was a big investment to buy a good device for every student. Prohibitive laptops are not affordable for students. Chromebooks start at $200 per device and are built to last for at least three years. Using Chromebook saves you a lot of other costs; you don’t need to buy papers, calculators, pencils or dictionaries.

2. Power management

In schools and universities, it is always hard to find a place to recharge your device. If you use a Chromebook there is no need to charge it that often, because it has a battery span of at least 8,5 hours. Students can just go on, even if they forget to turn it off. It will automatically fall in sleep mode to save your battery.

3. Loss of instruction time due to starting up devices

As a teacher you want your class to work as efficiently as possible. Therefore you don’t want to lose time with starting up devices. Students can enter a class and get to work enjoying “instant on.” When you open your device, it is on, when you close it, it will shut down. If you forget to shut it down, it will shut down automatically.

4. Loss of instruction time due to broken or lost devices

There is nothing to worry about when your device is broken or lost. Schools can provide a replacement device that is ready to go. When you log in on another device you will have access to all your documents as long as it is saved in the cloud.

5. Slow devices

Chromebooks are fast. They start up in less than 10 seconds and you can run multiple tabs, rich presentations or high definition videos without losing speed.

6. Easy to send or share assignments with the teacher

The teacher can create and share folders with the student which it makes easy to share the assignment between teacher and students. Teachers can quickly see who has or hasn’t completed the work, and provide direct, real-time feedback and grades right in Classroom.

7. Getting work printed

In schools and universities, it is always an issue to print your documents. There are several reasons to not print your documents, toners, and paper could be too expensive and it is bad for the environment. This issue disappears while using Chromebooks. Schoolwork can be handed in online in Google Drive.

8. Imaging devices

Imaging devices can be a nightmare for schools, holding up delivery for months and then requiring devices to be pulled from the classroom for reimaging. This is a thing of the past. Students log on with their Google ID, and their image is ready and waiting for them.

9. Virus risks

There is no need to install virus scanners, Chromebooks are always up-to-date and virus-free. This comes simply with the cloud solutions.

10. Devices made for consuming, not producing

There are several devices nowadays, but not all of them are suited to work in school. Students use different devices over the day. For entertaining, they use smartphones or tablets, but to make school projects students prefer laptops or Chromebooks.

11. Software and Apps

When you buy a new laptop most of the time, you still have to buy software and apps to work on it and it cost you a lot of money to buy the right licenses. With Chromebooks, there is no need to buy all these licenses. The Chromebook will be delivered with all these software included.

12. Lack of a robust wireless network

The only reason for not providing Chromebooks as the device all of your students need to succeed is a lack of a robust wireless network. With the money saved from incorporating these devices, however, that should be less of an issue.


Pim Demmer
Pim is marketeer at GoPomelo. He is a driven and enthusiastic person and he has a strong passion for informing and advising customers about the newest innovations in Google’s G Suite and working in the cloud.