11 ways to reduce your IT Costs

11 ways to reduce your IT Costs

GoPomelo would like to introduce you to see 11 ways saving your IT costs for the organisation and optimising of work. See below.

1. Migrate to the Cloud

1_Migrate to the Cloud

More than 70% of IT budgets just “maintaining” status quo and less than 30% of IT budget goes to innovation and competitive advantage.  Google Cloud Platform lets you run your apps on the same systems as Google, So you can focus on what matters to your business

2. Consolidate legacy software licenses!

2_Consolidate Software License

Software licenses make the financial issues, the organisation has to pay a lot for this, not only the OS license, but it also includes an application license and more. If you change using Cloud, you can consolidate all to centralise management. In terms of clients, those just only have the browser to access their work, so it is reducing costs and streamlining of the workers.

3. Use Google Identity

3_Use Google Identity

Online safety made easy. We all care about keeping our data safe and private. Google Identity brings a new level of intelligence to make security effortless.Millions of businesses and schools rely on Google Apps identity services every day when they sign in to Google products like Google Drive and Gmail. Google Apps for Work offers core identity services across all editions that make it simple, secure and reliable for users to log in and for administrators to manage usage across the organisation. These core features fall into six main areas, where we focus.

• Single sign-on (SSO)

• Provisioning

• Directory administration

• Multi-factor authentication

• Reporting and Analytics

• Endpoint management

The cost of using Google as an Identity provider is already included in the price of Google Apps licensing. As a result, organisations already invested in Google Apps can increase their return on investment in the suite by expanding its.

4. Work from anywhere with Google Don‘t pay for office costs

4_Work from anywhere with Google Don't pay for office costs

Today, work happens everywhere employees are more connected and productive than ever when away from their desk. People are spending more time than ever working from the client site, while their travelling, at a public site or at home. This is normal but what to do to make their work runs smoothly without interruption. Of course, there are tools that can meet the needs of mobile working, so Google for Work Solutions is the answer very well because it was designed to be flexible with the check work in modern times.

5. Reduce travel with Google Hangouts

5_Reduce Travel with Google Hangouts

Today’s workforce is more mobile than ever, and this trend is only gaining more traction. Google Hangouts is also used by companies as a way to boost productivity in the workplace. From real-time collaboration to in-office video conferencing, businesses of all sizes are using Google Hangouts to help employees work together in smarter and more effective ways.

6. Go BYOD for real

6_Go BYOD for real

Almost 3 out of 4 employees chose the smartphone or tablet they use for work and, today 54% of companies are implementing BYOD with this number expected to grow to 85% by 2020 as BYOD becomes standard most companies will implement BYOD, and need apps that work across a diversity of employee-owned devices and companies that don’t implement need apps that can meet user expectation for power and ease of use. All of Google’s apps are built with a laser focus on the end-user and are enhanced with the enterprise features needed for those tools to work in a business environment

7. Go Android and use Google Apps MDM

7_Go Android and use Google Apps MDM

Android for Work separates business apps from personal apps so employees can use their favourite Android device for both works and play. And setting up company-owned devices is simple with additional security settings. Keep employees happy and data secure with easy to set-up mobile management for Android.

  • Easy to manage
    Device management is included with Google Apps, so no need to purchase and set up extra services. Simply enable from the Admin console, then Gmail, Google Drive and other mobile apps will be secure and managed. And you can view graphs and reports about mobile usage and trends at any time in the reporting section.
  • Distribute work apps quickly
    Help your employees find the work apps they need by distributing business applications from the Admin console on either Play for Work or Apple’s App Store. You can also host internal only Android apps in the Play Private Channel.
  • Control data and privacy
    If employees leave the company or a device is lost, an administrator can erase just the work profile, leaving personal data intact. Personal activities are not trackable in a non-Work profile

8. Replace expensive Video Conferencing solutions with Chrome devices for Meetings

8_Replace expensive Video Conferencing solutions with Chrome devices for Meetings

Today’s organisations need easy and scalable video meetings, while we are seeing a 50% annual growth rate in the consumer video chat market, the high-end, enterprise video conferencing market stagnates at 2% a year. High-end video conferencing is often only for the largest companies, the biggest conference rooms, the type that are used for quarterly meetings, or a handful of senior executives. Based on the technology that existed until now, it is cost-prohibitive to provide video conferencing for everyone. Most staff have to either deal with all of the challenges of an audio conference call or use consumer 1:1 video chat, provided the IT team has not blocked it.
This is a great example of the consumerization of IT. There’s clearly a demand for video conferencing driven by the way we live and work today that’s not being fulfilled by current enterprise video conferencing solutions.

Chrome Devices for Meetings, a fully integrated video meeting solution, where everyone and every meeting can have access to high-quality video conferencing. Chrome Devices for Meetings are offered to suit a variety of conference room configurations, and you can meet with up to 25 locations at once. In the event that there is the need for more than 25 locations, like product announcements, keynotes, and similar events, there is Hangouts On Air which allows you to host and broadcast public or private live discussions and events to the world through your YouTube channel.

9. Turn your IT Department into Innovators, not maintainers!

9_Turn your IT Department into Innovators, not maintainers!

At the moment, there are many technologies to help your business transformation. Cloud solutions are one of the technologies that IT department will obtain more advantage, for example,

  • Reducing maintenance server and datacenter
  • No Patching, No OS update
  • No DR Sites
  • Save cost of electricity, cooling system etc.
  • On demand scaling system

The advantages of Cloud Solutions usage lead the IT department to have more time to focus on learning about the new technology and create an innovation for enhancing an organisation .

10. Rely on Google Security


10_Rely on Google Security

Google focuses on the security by developing the safety system and obtain guarantees from world well-known organisations such as

  • Tens of thousands of custom built, homogenous systems
  • Dozens of data centers for redundancy
  • Data encryption in transit and at rest
  • Secure software development process
  • External security verifications
  • 500+ security engineers
  • 160+ academic research papers on security

11. Get UNLIMITED storage from Google.

11_Get Unlimited strorage from GoogleWe think that many of you are experiencing problems with the management of storage as well as the allocation to the application of the Core business and distributed to users. The most common problem is a lack of space so, resulting in increased storage.Those problems will not happen if you turned to use unlimited storage from Google because it is safety, privacy, simple management, reasonable price and suitable for lifestyle.

Hopefully, you will get benefit from this information and can choose the right technology to increase the efficiency of work. If you have any inquiry and need further information, please contact GoPomelo.



Natthapong Rermcharoen
I have a strong passion for learning and sharing my knowledge about Cloud and Google Solutions to others who are interested in this field. Since working in Information Technology such as IT Support, System Engineer, IT Trainer and IT Manager for several years, I have obtained standard certificates from well-known organisations, namely Google Certified Trainer, Google Certified Administrator, Google Certified Deployment Specialist, ITIL V3. Certified, MCSE, MCDBA and MCT. According to my qualifications and my experience background, I hope it will be useful for people who require enhancing their ideas for business achievement.