Introducing Workplace by Facebook


We believe that many of you are familiar with Facebook as well as in the field of Social Media has been popular to communicate with friends or sharing together and believe that all of you who read this probably accounts for the use of Facebook’s already exposed loop immense power of Facebook that has an impact on society and the communications of people on this planet.

Facebook has launched a Workplace by Facebook for a business and organization that aimed to build more productive, efficient and collaborative workplaces to evoke the power of the creation of joint enterprises effectively.



By early, Workplace by Facebook is open to companies for applying for Early adopter program.

Starting from 150 companies participated in the first phase. It has expanded rapidly deployed to 450 companies over a period of four months. For example, large companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland plans to apply to the entire workforce of 100,000 using the platform by the end of 2016.



Interesting features.

  • Group – Share with the right people and help you make decisions and keep your team on the same page.
  • New Feed - Everyone will stay up to date of all the things that matter in your organization.
  • Multi-company Group – Collaboration with people outside the organization as well as the Workplace, you can create a group with two companies to collaborate together.
  • Work Chat – Send a message to the people you are looking for instantly.
  • Live Video – Broadcasting to communicate with people in your organization at the moment.

With these features, Workplace by Facebook will transform the way your work and communication entire your company.

Summary of Benefits

1. Ease of useWorkplace by Facebook helps coworkers connect and collaborate using Facebook features such as News Feed, groups, messages, events.

2. Reduce change management – All people are familiar with using personal Facebook when your companies launch Workplace by Facebook, it does not change behavior, they can use instantly.

3. Flexible – By supporting on a variety of devices such as computers, phones, tablets, you can carry out your work continuously.

4. PrivacyWorkplace by Facebook account is unrelated to the personal Facebook account, so the information you share in one is not shared with the other, and there are no ads to interfere in any way.

5. Security – Workplace is built on Facebook’s powerful systems that keep more than a billion people’s information secure. While Facebook builds and maintains our own infrastructure and tools to safeguard your data, we also follow third-party industry standards such as those set by the Cloud Security Alliance.


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