GoPomelo Launches Mobile Workforce Application: MOWO

Enable mobile teams to work effectively from any location.


The GoPomelo development team are proud to announce the first phase release of MOWO, a mobile workforce management platform. MOWO allows organisations to view team member locations, assign jobs, and receive feedback in real time. Mobile workers can get directions to jobs and work more efficiently.

Traditionally, remote workers are difficult to manage and coordinate. Reporting and collaboration with field teams often involves paper reporting and wasted time returning to headquarters with little or no ability to analyse data.

Most companies today have staff and teams that operate outside of the office, in the field. MOWO at its heart embraces mobile technology to bring together teams of all sizes and types. It is simple to use, secure and customisable.

MOWO drastically improves processes for any field sales, support, technical, or delivery teams. As a result, companies can offer slick customer experiences and become more competitive. The application generates analytics data that enables management to make better data driven decisions.

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Scott Haslehurst
Scott is the CFO of GoPomelo and Head of GoPomelo X. His project team works exclusively in cloud application development. Scott explores cloud technology and the new opportunities it brings. As an agile coach at GoPomelo he is often found deep in post-it notes and burn-down charts!